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Custom dog crates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With so many options available, deciding on the ideal type of crate for your dogs can be difficult. Ask specific questions if you’re looking for one to make it easier.

You’ll want to inquire about how you intend to use the custom dog crate. Are you going to take it with you on your trip? Is it necessary for the dog crate to match your home’s decor? Alternatively, how much are you willing to spend? These are some of the questions that will help you choose the best type of dog crate for your pet.

This guide will provide you with essential insights on what to know about the different types of custom dog crates available and how to choose the ideal one for your dog.

The 5 Types of Custom Dog Crates

1. Soft-Sided Dog Crates

Custom dog crates of this kind aren’t often suitable for all dogs. They’re usually composed of canvas or nylon, and as a result, they’re more easily destroyable than metal or plastic crates. Soft-sided crates are not suitable for dogs who like to scratch or chew the surface of a custom crate. Meanwhile, a soft-sided dog crate is usually a good alternative for dogs who are already crate-trained or who are remarkably calm.


The portability and weight of a custom dog crate made of mesh material are its most significant selling points. Therefore, most dog owners prefer these crates when traveling by car, airline, or other means.


However, there are several safety measures to bear when using these pet crates, which not everyone remembers. As a result, you should always use a seat belt to lock your dog in its cage and ensure that the container doesn’t slide or move.

2. Furniture Dog Crates

Most wooden dog crates place a premium on fashion and style. Compared to other notable custom dog crates, they generally blend in nicely with your home decor and look pretty spectacular.  As such, they’re often the ideal custom dog crates for home. 

There are numerous styles to pick from, which is quite impressive. However, furniture dog crates have some downsides as they’re unsuitable for dogs who prefer to destroy furniture. These crates can be ruined by chewing and clawing. Likewise, since they consist of wood, cleaning and maintenance could be a drag, plus they’re more expensive than other types of crates.

3. Metal Dog Crates

When people buy a crate, kennel, or cage for their dogs, they usually think of metal dog crates. These crates are what you’d expect: a metal-wire design that’s well-ventilated and offers excellent visibility. Most metal dog crates fold easily, making them easy to carry along, especially while traveling.


These crates are available in various sizes, your dog has an unobstructed view of the house from within, and they are easy to clean. Consequently, the metal bottom tray could be comfier for your dog with a cushion or thick blanket on it. 


A typical problem with these crates is that they’re often too big for the dogs who use them. Nonetheless, expect a positive outcome if you get this custom dog crate.

4. Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog crates are an excellent alternative to soft-sided and metal dog crates. They’re not the most attractive crates on the market, but they provide several benefits. A plastic dog crate tends to be more durable than a soft-sided crate, and it will provide your dog with a bit more privacy than a metal custom crate. 


However, despite the holes in the crate, ventilation isn’t always adequate, and the dog can’t stay in there for lengthy periods. Likewise, depending on the sort of plastic crate you buy, it may or may not be easy to clean. Ultimately, these are great crates for short trips in the car or plane because they help calm and silence reactive dogs.

5. Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

This type of dog crate is typically suitable for giant breed dogs, dogs who damage their cages, and those dogs that like escaping. It’s OK if this is the only type of custom indoor dog crate you’ve found that’s big enough for your giant dog. As its name implies, it’s pretty heavy, and you need to take property safety measures while placing your dog there. 

Choosing the Best Custom-Sized Dog Crates for Your Dog

Now that you’ve got some clues on what sort of crate is best for your dog, you may still be unsure of what size crate to buy. Custom dog crates are available in several sizes to accommodate dogs of various shapes and sizes. Choose custom-sized dog crates that will allow your dog to stand up, turn around, stretch out, and lie down comfortably. 

Any extra space will encourage your dog to sleep comfortably on the crate. While doing this, take a good look at your dog’s size because that will help you choose the ideal custom dog crate for your dog.


Many custom dog crates come with recommended weight ranges, but you’ll want to consider both your dog’s weight and its physical attributes. Check the proper measurements for the crate you intend to buy to best predict a befitting crate for your dog. Go for a cage that’ll make your dog feel at ease.

Remember that the main aim is to provide a haven for your dog, not serve as a prison. If you have to keep your dog in a cage for optimum security, your dog should be getting the training benefits that a kennel is designed to bring. Otherwise, some negative behaviors such as house soiling may occur when the dog’s anxiety increases.

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