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Dogs are smart, dogs are cute, and there aren’t enough words to describe the joy that a dog can bring into your life. But if you’re blessed to have a friend like this, you know that all this joy comes with a great dose of responsibility. Ok, if you live in a house with a big yard, then the responsibilities might not be that much.

Nevertheless, dogs, same as humans, can experience anxiety – mainly when he is left alone. I know that you can’t quit your job just to keep your dog company 24/7. But, you can help your dog overcome his anxiety and make sure that he has the best life ever.

There are so many things you can do alleviate your dog’s anxiety – all you have to do is to care enough to do them and make your dog’s life better. If you want to find out what are some of the best and clever ways to help your dog overcome his anxiety, just stick with us. 

Involve Your Dog More in Your Schedule

Most of your day is gone because of your job. In the time that you have left, you should take care of your other responsibilities – a.k.a. your dog.  The mornings are the most important as they have more needs – they need love, they have to make their needs, they have to go outside to consume their energy, and they have to eat – the experts from Rush Essay related.

Therefore, you must wake up pretty early to make sure that you satisfy all his needs. As well, before you leave for work, you should ensure that all he has enough toys to keep him busy and a treat here and there to keep him busy.

In the evening, when you finally arrive home, your dog will be all over you for your time, affection, and attention. And you will have to satisfy those needs too.

Just think about it… you are your dog and in the morning you have to do all those things to be happy and your human doesn’t have time for you because he is late for work, but you forgive him because you love him. In the evening, he comes tired and he puts you aside because he’s too tired to take care of you too. Now how would that feel and how would this help with his anxiety issues?

Music Therapy

Being all alone for 8 to 10 hours is no fun for a dog that could stay all day outside and never get bored. Most likely, he will be anxious all those hours while he is waiting for his human to finally come home.

One great way to help your dog release some of his anxiety is to play him therapy music that will create a relaxed, happy atmosphere before and while you’re gone – said the experts from Bestessays UK.  Music can dictate a human’s mood. Now if it can change humans’ moods, imagine how well it can work on dogs – lower consciousness.  

Massage Session 

We could all enjoy a good, relaxing massage every now and then. But we’re not the only ones – dogs love them too as it induces an extremely relaxed and even euphoric mood- where you’re using your hands or a hand held dog massager yourself. And that is exactly the mood our dog needs to alleviate his anxiety, according to Ultius Reviews.

Physical Contact

Dogs don’t only need to be taken care of as in taking them outside and providing food and water. They need our love and affection; they need physical contact, especially when he’s presenting signs of anxiety. While a squeeze might feel good to you, dogs respond really well to light gentle touches like a paint stroke level pressure using 1-2 fingers to deeply relax.

Therefore, as soon as you spot out a sign that he is getting anxious, and cuddle with him in the bed, give him a long petting session, and basically give him anything that he loves to put him in a good mood.


Some may say that aromatherapy is overestimated – well the truth is that for some people works and for some don’t. But dogs are different and it may work better on them than on us, humans. 

Actually, conform to research from, aromatherapy works really great and oils like lavender really help dogs alleviate their anxiety.

Departure Rituals

Everyone has their departure ritual, knowingly or not. Even if we don’t realize that we’re doing kind of the same things before we leave for work, or dogs do – and that’s when their anxiety kicks in.

When they recognize the pattern in your behavior, they’ll instantly know that they’re about to spend the next 8 hours alone.

To prevent triggering their anxiety every morning with your departure ritual, the experts from Paper Writing Pro recommend doing your departure ritual at random moments during the day and after just doing what you were doing.

This way you eliminate the trigger for their anxiety.

Seek Advice from a Professional

Last but not least, you should really consider asking advice from a professional whose job is to deal with this type of situations. I’m sure that he will provide more effective ways to help your dog overcome his anxiety.


There are so many things you can do to improve your dog’s life, especially if your dog is anxious every time you leave home. Above are just a few effective ways that will calm down your dog’s anxiety but I bet that if you ask an expert he will have more interesting ways to help your dog deal with anxiety.

Remember, it’s your beloved furry friend we’re talking about who loves you unconditionally. In return, you can make sure that while you’re at work – while he’s staying all alone waiting for you – he will have enough toys and treats to consume his energy and kill some time and that the atmosphere is relaxed.

Scott Mathews is a highly skilled freelance and a writing expert in education and psychology. Currently, he is offering his professional services at Superiorpapers and Academized. During his free time, Scott enjoys writing blog posts about personal growth and the world’s biggest mysteries. One day he hopes that he will discover something that will remain in the world’s history.



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