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Owning a pet is probably the best thing ever if you ask me. Nothing in this world can fill your heart and make you happier like an animal. Not only that they will give you unconditional love, but they will protect you and they will always stand by you – qualities that most humans don’t have.

Pets are simply amazing and they are not something that you own, they are a family member – only a true animal lover understands this.

Despite how much joy and happiness can a pet bring into your life, it comes at a price. I’m not talking about money, even though you need financial support for their food and accessories. I’m talking about the big responsibility that comes with a pet.

Therefore, you must put some thought before you decide to have a pet, especially if you’re a student. Your life is already complicated enough and a pet is a huge responsibility – you’re in charge with his life and well-being.

Of course, it’s not impossible to be a student and own a pet, but you can definitively get overwhelmed very easily. 

That’s why in today’s post, we’re presenting our ultimate 7-steps guide to being a responsible pet owner as a student.

Understand that a Pet is a Huge Responsibility

When you decide to have a pet, there’s no turning back – you can’t decide to have a baby, make a baby, and the change your mind. The situation may be different but it extremely relatable.

You can’t get bored from having it and consider that you have to sacrifice too much and then abandon him. No. Animals have feelings too – just because they don’t speak and they don’t have ration it doesn’t mean that they can’t feel.

The way a pet loves his owner is the purest and honest love that exists and if you take that away from him he will suffer forever. You need to understand that once you have a pet you’re responsible for his life until the end. A pet is a responsibility for life.

A pet needs your time and affection, he needs to visit the vet regularly to make sure he is safe, to make sure he poops alright, to make sure that he receives everything he needs in order to live a happy, long life besides his beloved human.

Make Sure that You can Afford to Have a Pet

We all know that most students aren’t necessarily rich – of course, you don’t have to be rich to own a pet. Anyhow, you will certainly need to have an amount of money to ensure a good life for any pet.

 You have to consider that registering your pet, the vaccines, the food, and any accessories that the pet requires will sum up in a really nasty bill – depending on the pet you want to have.

But know this – if you can’t afford college paper writing services or professional essay writers to make your work done for you when you have your plate too full then you most probably don’t afford to have a pet.

Your Veterinary Doctor Will Become Your Best Friend

Especially if you think of owning a dog or cat, in time, the vet will become your best friend. Of course, the best would be to visit the vet casually, but not all pet owners are so lucky. 

Anyhow, you must know that if your pet behaves a little bit odd, you must call your vet immediately and do not ask for advice on the internet if you wish the best for your pet.

You must consider that your pet can get sick any time and you can’t delay his problems and not take him to the vet. When something happens to your pet you must put your schedule on hold and take him to the vet. 


Understand Your Pet’s Needs

All pets have their needs. If you have a fish, turtle, or hamster, their needs might be extremely reduced. Bu, cats and especially dogs can be very needing and demanding.

Cats don’t need a lot of attention but this doesn’t mean that cats don’t need attention at all. As well, they need to have their litter clean at all times, and you must not skip their meals. Cats are more impendent than dogs are.

Dogs can be extremely dependent and needy. You need to take a dog out at least 3 times a day and walk then as long as possible, they need a lot of attention and affection, and they need proper training.

Feed Your Pet Regularly

You must understand that quality is very important because some animal foods are like our fast-food – definitively not good for their health. Even though it might be more expensive, for one pet won’t cost a fortune. 

As well, you must ask your vet how much food your pet is supposed to eat to make sure you don’t starve or fatten him. If the pest suffers from any illness, you might need to buy some special food, to help him heal faster.

Train Your Pet Properly

Most of the pets don’t require training. Cats’ only necessary training is when they are little and they need to learn to use the litter, the rest is up to you if you want to teach your cat tricks or not.

Dogs, on the other hand, need some serious training. First, if you take him since he is a cute puppy, he will make his needs all over the house, so potty training will need to starts immediately if you want to stop the accidents fast and for good.

In time, you’ll need to teach him several important and yet basic commands for his safety– come here, no, stay, sit. According to Best Essays, some dogs may present behavioral issues, which can turn really bad, so you’ll need to seriously consider professional training ASAP.

Training your pat properly is extremely important both you and the dog. If you don’t take care properly and at the right time of the dogs training, your time and nerves will be at stake and as a student, you don’t really afford to waste a lot of time and your nerves may already be on the verge.

Better Safe than Sorry

Cats and dogs can be lost easier than you can ever imagine. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose your family member you should microchip your pet. According to Edu Bridie, pure breeds of dogs and cats are stolen extremely often. 

If they are chipped, the minute they’ll take them at a vet, the vet will notice that it was stolen. So, you increase your chances to see your pet again by at least 50%.

Of course, is a bit expensive, but if you really want a pet as a student you should know that such things can happen and as a pet owner is your responsibility to prevent them. Animals suffer too and their lives are not to be neglected.

Stop Smoking Around Your Pet

All smokers fall into this habit from time to time. However, be sure to never smoke around your pet. Second-hand smoke harms pets just as much as people. In fact, it can cause a development of cancer, allergies, respiratory problems and other serious issues. Therefore, be mindful and step aside when smoking.

Also, never smoke indoors. It is crucial for the health of your pet, as the residue from smoke settles and keeps resurfacing every time your pet lays on the ground or on your couch.


That was it. Now that you know what it takes and means to have a pet you can make a rational decision. 

If college is already stressing you out, having a pet will only bring more stress into your life and your pet may pay with his life for your lack of responsibility. A pet needs your time and attention, it will need medical attention which can be expensive.

Just make sure you make the best decision for you and for the pet. If you can handle it, you know what a responsible owner has to do.


Scott Mathews is the best essay writer in his field and an excellent proofreader. Scott started his freelance career from a very young age because he always wanted to be independent. Currently, Scott is offering research paper help at AssignmentMasters. Scott really likes his job as he has the freedom to create his own schedule and to keep his passion for traveling and photography alive.

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