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Have you ever looked at your rescue dog and wondered what breed it is? In your mind you might be arguing: “sure, it somehow looks like a bulldog (or another breed), but not exactly. Maybe it’s mixed?” That, you can’t know for sure.

Or can you?

With the advent of newer technologies in the veterinary field, now you can determine the exact breed of your furry friend. Dog DNA testing kits allow you to know more about your dog’s heritage so it’s no longer a mystery for you.

The best thing about these kits is that they’re readily available online!

How Does Dog DNA Testing Work?

DNA testing in dogs is very much the same with human DNA test kits like Ancestry and 23andMe. The difference, of course, is the subject of testing.

The first step is to order a dog DNA test kit online. These identification tests are normally in the form of cheek swabs so you can collect enough saliva for testing.

Once you’ve collected your dog’s saliva, you’ll send the test kit via mail to the company that made the test kit that you used. Oops, don’t forget to give your dog a treat!

Inside the labs of these companies, your dog’s sample will be compared against an extensive database of dog breeds. And from there, they can identify your puppy’s breed heritage by percentage.

Just within a few weeks, the company will send you an email about the results of your dog’s sample. Expect a predominant breed on the results and other breeds that make up the whole heritage of your dog.  For example, your dog can be a terrier predominantly, but a little percentage of German shepherds may appear.

The accuracy of these tests, however, will ultimately depend on the company that manufactured the test kits and their database.

So, Why Test Your Dog’s DNA?

Below are only some of the reasons why you should give it a try.

1. Finally, You’ll have Answers

Every time you visit the vet or shop at the pet store, we bet you’ve been asked a thousand times about your dog’s breed. And we can only imagine how many times you were grasping for answers out of thin air because you’re as clueless as them.

Well, not anymore! With the help of dog DNA testing kits, you can confidently answer anyone who dares to ask about your furry friend’s breed. You know what, they don’t even have to ask you. Just tell them to strike a conversation!

2. You’ll be Able to Identify Possible Health Risks of Your Dog

The next step after finding out your dog’s breed heritage is to bring the results to the experts. Consulting a veterinarian will help you determine the potential health issues that are associated with the specific or predominant breed of your dog.

For example, boxers are prone to getting cancer while Dobermans are susceptible to bleeding disorders. Knowing these possible risks will ultimately help you and your vet in managing the overall health of your pet

If you have a rescue puppy and you don’t know its breed yet, testing them will also help you know how big your pup can get. Learning this in advance will help you prepare for its growth spurts.

3. You Can Find Their Relatives

The fun part about this whole dog DNA testing thing is that you can connect your dogs to their relatives! Companies can tell you which other pups share the DNA of your pet. They can also help you connect with the fur parents of the dogs so you can set up little puppy dates. Fun, right? What are some of upsides to this? For one, starting a group chat with the sibs for hacks on managing unruly behaviors or quirks (which saving time, money and perhaps resources in the process). You can share what foods, allergies etc are common and the best way to navigate this without having to research everything yourself. Draw on the sibling and family line. Knowledge and sharing is a time-saver! Unfortunately, only a handful of companies offer this service so why not get connected?

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