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Grocery Shop with your Pup Outside in NYC- Yes, that’s right I said it!

By May 11, 2014March 26th, 2015No Comments

That’s right you read it.  Grocery shopping with your NYC dog is now possible thanks to the greenmarkets throughout NYC. Most people know only about the famous Union Square Greenmarket, but there are these local farmers selling their produce (fruits, veggies, sometimes meat and fish) in nearly every hub of every neighborhood.  Check out a list here. 

This weekend on Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dodo the maltese (isn’t he so adorable) who was carried by Auntie and with dad and grandma.  This adorable Maltese is being carried because he sometimes can be unpredictable with other dogs he meets on the streets which is no worries. You can get your dog GREEN MARKET READY by doing counter-conditioning training with our esteemed NYC dog trainer Ryan Bondoc and we PROMISE with your good spirits, diligence and commitment to following our dos and don’t you’ll be able to shop with your new green market swag! 

At New York Dog Nanny, we are committed to the human-dog bond and are asking YOU to STEP IT UP and SHARE LOCAL OUTINGS you’ve enjoyed or think other dog owners will enjoy in your hood!  We also look for guest NYC dog bloggers to dish on their area of expertise, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please s


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