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All of us are vulnerable to the potentially life-threatening consequences of dog bites, no matter our age. Whether it is a domestic dog or a stray one, these consequences can vary from being slightly hurt to being severely injured or, in some extreme cases, killed. If we understand the proper steps we should take after such an event and how to recognize the seriousness of the attack, we can better handle this situation and improve our chances of a full recovery. 

Make sure that you are safe

It is of paramount importance that once you get bitten, you do not allow anything bad to happen to you. You should go immediately somewhere where it is safe, a place where you can look at the wound without fearing another reaction from the dog. Of course, you should make sure that everyone else knows of the threat so that nothing more bad can happen. You should even consider calling 911 if you think that the dog is too wild and that it can endanger other people. Some dog breeds can be dangerous, and some are strong enough to kill you if they have a desire to do that. When you make sure you are safe, you should consult a legal expert, like a Walnut Creek Dog Bite Lawyer, to help you deal with the legal aspects of suffering this kind of injury. They can inspect the conditions that led to this case, for example, and check whether the dog’s owner is in any way liable for the accident. This will help ensure that you get the right amount of compensation and mitigate the negative consequences of this accident. 

The severity of the bite

The dog’s size, the place on your body where the injury happened, and how deep and wide the wound is all influence the severity of the bite. Minor bites are scratches and tiny punctures that may not rip the skin or cause some severe bleeding. However, you still need to take proper care of the wound to stop the infection, even though it may seem minor at first. Moderate bites can cause rips or punctures in the skin, and you should immediately seek medical attention so that expert staff can remove any dirt from the incision, clean it completely, and give you the necessary antibiotics. Severe bite wounds cause substantial tissue rippling, deep punctures, and potential damage to bones, tendons, and muscles. They usually need more time to heal, and sometimes you’ll need to go through a surgical intervention. Unfortunately, these injuries can cause irreparable harm in some cases. Finally, the most severe cases happen when the bite causes an infection, and usual symptoms include redness, swelling, fever, or worsening pain. If you don’t treat them immediately, they can cause much greater problems in the future. 

You should go to a hospital

Many people who have had this experience are quick to brush everything off and act as if nothing serious happened. After a certain amount of time, they see that their wound is changing color, it starts to swell and they see that they need to go to the emergency room. To avoid this, you should immediately go to the hospital and save yourself from stressing out too much. You are also preventing further damage to your body if you prevent an infectious disease from spreading. Also, you will have to get a tetanus shot because it is not uncommon for dogs, especially stray ones, to have rabies.

Clean the wound

This is an important part of preventing infection from a dog bite. Wash your hands with soap and water, and use lukewarm water to gently wash the bitten area. Don’t use soap on the wound, as it can cause irritation and be quite painful. Instead, use it to clean the area around the injury, and avoid alcohol and hydrogen, as these are strong substances that can harm the tissue and slow down the healing process. Before wrapping the wound with a sterile bandage, you can use an antiseptic to decrease the danger of infection. 

Watch out for infections

Take care of the wounded area in the days following an attack. If you notice worsening redness, swelling, and warmth, then you should seek medical attention, as these are the signs of infection. Also, if there is some unusual discharge or pus, you should address it to prevent the injury from getting worse. 

Do you have any health problems?

If you had any health problems before you were attacked by the dog and got bitten, you should take things seriously because the bite could make your health status much worse. If you are elderly, pregnant, or a person with some health problems, you should immediately go to the hospital, or you should call an ambulance to come help you out. Many things can endanger your life when a dog bites you, the first being that you could have so much stress that your body cannot take it.

How to prevent this from happening again?

Once everything is done, you will have to consider how this should never happen again. You will most likely have a phobia of dogs because of this attack and that should help a lot. Some advice that we can give is that you should not come close to them, especially stray dogs. That you do not try to hurt them. Dogs are animals that are usually tame, but those that are not can seriously harm you so make sure that you take care of yourself.

A dog bite is a serious medical emergency that needs quick treatment and prevention. If you learn what causes them and how to react the right way, you can lower the chances of going through such a traumatic event, and if it happens to you, you will know what to do and where to seek help. Of course, the main step is to behave responsibly around dogs and be a responsible dog owner, but since we know that accidents can happen outside of our control, we should know how to address them and handle their consequences. 

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