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Are you thinking of buying a snake? Do you want to learn how to care for them?

From royal pythons, the most desirable pet snake, to corn snakes, a great pet for newbies, there are about 492 common pet snake species one can enjoy owning today. Before you go any further, note that there is no such thing as a venomous snake, only venomous bites.

Snakes are a non-aggression and low-maintenance type of pet to have. Read on to learn about some of the best common pet snake breeds and how to care for them.


Providing the correct habitat for all common pet snake breeds is essential. A terrarium with an airy, damp atmosphere and appropriate temperatures should be provided for most species.

Consider size, lighting, and hiding places when choosing the proper terrarium. Some species, such as boa constrictors, need larger tanks, while others, such as corn snakes, can do so in smaller enclosures.

Additionally, having adequate heating and lighting ensures that the snake is not living in an environment that is too cold or hot. Finally, provide ample places for the snake to hide and explore, such as small logs, caves, and rocks.


It is essential in feeding snakes like frozen mice with the proper diet for the particular snake you are caring for, as the dietary needs of different snake species can vary. Feeding the snakes once a week is necessary.

Always leave a clean, fresh water dish in the cage for your snake to drink from. When feeding, provide food items no more significant than the broadest part of your snake so that it can consume it.


To ensure their health, create an appropriate environment. It includes an enclosure that allows the snake to move and express natural behaviors, bedding, hides, and non-toxic decorations.

Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity is vital according to the type of snake; a temperature gradient should be provided and monitored with thermometers. Regularly, mice, small rodents, and insects should be offered live prey.

Species-Specific Care

One of the most important things to remember when caring for common snake breeds is that they need different species-specific care. For instance, corn snakes need temperatures around 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit and must be housed in cages with secure lids or have some other way of preventing them from escaping.

Additionally, corn snakes need an absorbent substrate, so aspen shavings or newspaper are recommended. If housing two or more snakes together, ensure enough hiding spots so each one can be alone as needed. King snakes typically need dry and semi-arid enclosures with temperatures ranging from 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider Getting a Snake Breeds Today

With proper knowledge and dedication, you can provide a loving and safe home for common pet snake breeds. From purchasing the correct type of cage to selecting a healthy specimen, properly caring for your pet snakes is made easier with tips from this article.

Don’t forget to create a regular feedings and vet check-ups schedule to keep your pet healthy and happy – give it a try today!

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