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Regular exercise is fundamental to your dog’s health and happiness. Here are a few ways that you can make sure your dog gets enough physical activity.

Install Fencing

Being able to let your dog out into your yard to have some outdoor time without having to worry about safety is an excellent way to enhance your dog’s quality of life and facilitate lots of opportunities for exercise. Fencing is much better for your dog’s ability to run around than letting your dog out on a lead. Attaching a dog to a lead could be unsafe, and some counties don’t allow it.

When you let your dog out into your yard, be attentive to when he or she wants to come inside. Be mindful about temperatures being too hot or cold for your dog’s comfort. Make sure that he or she always has fresh drinking water available to stay well-hydrated.

Get a Pool

Swimming is amazing exercise for dogs because it is an exciting and stimulating activity for water-loving breeds. Swimming engages muscles that dogs have difficulty keeping strong, and it also has some endurance-building properties. Also, swimming enables breeds with heavy fur coats to get in a lot of physical activity without overheating. It is particularly good for dogs who are getting older because it is a low-impact form of exercise that takes pressure off of joints.

Putting a pool in your own back yard is going to give your dog a lot of entertainment and exercise. Contact installers that are well-reviewed by residential customers in your area. If you need to find swimming pool contractors Oklahoma City, contacta  company that can offer you a custom option that makes the most of your yard’s size and layout.

Become a Dog Park Regular

Even if you have a huge fenced-in yard for your dog to run around, taking your dog to your local bark park is a must-do exercise activity for dogs who like to be social with other dogs. It isn’t a great choice for dogs who are fearful or aggressive to other dogs, but it’s a great pick for socially active playtime enthusiasts.

Arrange for Walks

Just like people, dogs derive vital health benefits from walking. They need to get their steps into each day just as much a people do. Although walking isn’t vigorous exercise that will help a dog grow more athletic, it helps them maintain a healthy body weight and regulate energy levels. Going for moderately long walks every day also helps dogs maintain proper joint function and mobility. It should be noted, however, that certain dogs with bone deformities or advanced orthopedic conditions may need to limit the length or pace of their walks to prevent inflammation and exacerbation of their condition.

If you can’t easily fit walks into your daily schedule, consider arranging for dog walking services. You can download one of several popular dog walking apps or you can contact a well-reviewed independent dog walker who serves your area. Arranging for walks is a great option for people who have to leave their dogs alone for eight or more hours in a day.

Schedule a Run

People who are interested in dog walking may have an even better option available for high-energy canines. In some areas, care services with a strong emphasis on doggie health and fitness offer enhanced outings. You may be able to schedule time with a professional dog walker who will take your energetic pup on a fast-paced run. Dogs who like to run several miles in an outing will be thrilled to get to spend half an hour letting off steam. This service is particularly popular among pet parents who work from home and have to contend with deliberate attempts at distraction from overly energetic pets who want to get their attention or release excess energy.

Taking good care of your dog requires some attention to exercise. It will help to keep them well physically and mentally.

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