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Every single day, 4.3 billion people use the subway in New York, and outside of the city, 4.7 million people regularly take the train to travel long distances across the country. If you are traveling to see friends and family, or going on vacation, the train is an easy way to do it. When you are taking your dog with you, there are a few considerations to make, and you should only ever go on the train with your dog if he has a calm, even temperament. Some dogs will enjoy the ride and some will find it quite stressful, especially if the train is busy.

The New York Subway

Before 2016, all dogs were allowed on the subway, but the laws have changed on this. Dogs are banned from traveling on the subway unless they are being carried in a bag. Generally this means that you can only take small dogs on the subway – trying to fit a husky into a large travel bag is definitely no-no. You are fine if you have a chihuahua or a pug though. If you take an unauthorized dog onto the subway, you could be landed with a $25 fine. When you are carrying your dog on the subway, make sure that he is in a bag that is big enough for him to feel comfortable. You should never zip your dog completely into a bag – leave room for his head to be outside the bag.

Using Amtrak

America has the biggest network of rail lines in the world and 40% of them are used for delivering freight safely across the country. There have been huge advancements in train technology and traveling by rail is incredibly fuel-efficient. This is why more people have been choosing to take the train rather than driving. Dogs are welcome on the Amtrak network as long the combined weight of your dog and his carrier isn’t more than 20 pounds. The price of a dog ticket is $26. You should make sure that your dog is in good health before you begin your journey.


Looking After Your Dog

Make sure that you take with you all the essentials that you need for your dog when you are traveling. This includes food, water in a container, poop bags, a toy, a leash, and any medication that your dog might need. Leave at least an hour in between feeding your dog and getting on the train, as some dogs get motion sickness – this is more common in younger dogs. It is extremely important that you have your dog microchipped before traveling, this will help to track them down if they get lost in an unfamiliar place. Your dog carrier should be well-ventilated and make sure that you factor in some rest breaks if you are going to be on the train for more than an hour or two.

You can travel with your dog all over America on the train. Just make sure that they are happy and comfortable with this form of travel before you make any long journeys.

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