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Maltipoos are one of the stylish dog breeds along with being extremely charming. This particular breed of dogs is a cross between two different breeds, Poodle and a Maltese. The dogs of this breed are extremely intelligent because of their poodle gene. The popularity of Maltipoos skyrocketed, when they appeared in the reality show with pop star Jessica Simpson and her former husband, who owned a Maltipoo. The Maltipoo was found to be very adorable and sweet in the show and had made women all over the country love it and also want one. Breeders struggled to keep up with the high demand of this breed after the show..

Maltipoos are extremely sweet and would be an excellent choice for a first-time pet owner just like a Saint Bernard puppy, but requiring some extra care. They are, however, extremely sensitive and dislike being left alone for long periods of time. They crave for the company of humans and if they don’t get the adequate attention they require, they may develop separation anxiety. You’ll have an adoring family member who can provide plenty of cuddle sessions if you can provide a loving home that meets this breed’s needs.

More Information on This Breed

Maltipoos are a common mix of the Maltese and the Miniature or Toy Poodle. Maltipoos are affectionate and gentle, just like their parent breeds. They are an excellent example of therapy dogs and are great companions for empty-nesters. Since they are purposely bred and are a combination of two known breeds, cross breeds like the Maltipoo are often referred to as designer dogs rather than mixed breeds. People who breed Maltipoos hope to produce a hypoallergenic dog because both Poodles and Maltese are non-shedders.

Allergies can also develop over time. If you decide on a Maltipoo, you will discover that he is an active, feisty, and fun-loving dog. He loves life, and his ideal day consists of playing dog games, going for a walk, and racing through the house.

Maltipoos are an excellent choice for first-time or nervous dog owners. They are simple to train and also learn very quickly. They also have a thriving session in homes with elderly people or older children who can handle them gently. They prefer long cuddles and are highly aware of their owners’ needs and wants. Maltipoos can live in a variety of settings, from apartments to houses. They enjoy being with their people and should live indoors with their human families rather than outside or in kennels, regardless of their housing. 

Temperament and Personality

Maltipoos are a breed of dog that is both playful and friendly. They adore spending time with their owners and are fiercely loyal. They’ll gladly stay by your side while you unwind on the couch.

One of the most appealing characteristics of the Maltipoo is that it combines the affectionate nature of the Maltese with the intelligence of the Poodle.

As a result, you’ll have a smart and sweet dog that you’ll enjoy staying at your home. They do, however, use their barking to alert their owners to the presence of trespassers, which can cause friction between you and your neighbors.

However, don’t rely on it to serve as a watchdog because many of them quickly become friends with strangers. That’s because its parent breeds have great personalities when it comes to temperament. They are endearing and very lovable.


The size of the Maltipoo varies depending on whether the Poodle parent was a Toy or Miniature. Maltipoos are generally 8 to 14 inches tall and weigh 5 to 20 pounds.


Maltipoos are people-oriented dogs who should be kept indoors with their family rather than outside or in a kennel. They make excellent apartment dogs if given daily exercise and not allowed to become nuisance barkers. Maltipoo is a loyal dog who responds well to training. You’ll be successful in no time if you use positive reinforcement techniques like food rewards, play, and praise.

Maltipoos are active dogs who require daily exercise in order to remain healthy, happy, and out of mischief. Excess energy can lead to destructive behaviour, and you’d be surprised to know how much damage a bored, small dog can cause. Every day, give your Maltipoo 10 to 15 minutes of workout.


5/8 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dog food, divided into two meals, is the highly recommended daily amount. Your adult dog’s food consumption and eating habit is influenced by their size, age, structure, metabolism, and degree of activity. Dogs, like people, are individual beings who require varying quantities of food. It nearly goes without saying that an active dog will require more quantity of food than a passive dog.The value of dog food you buy makes a significant difference as well, the better the dog food, the more it will nourish your dog and the less you’ll have to shake into his bowl. Rather than leaving food out all the time, measure his food and feed him twice a day to keep your Maltipoo in good shape.


The Maltipoo has a fluffy, soft, wool-like coating that sheds little and produces little dander which varies in length from medium to long and is slightly wavy to curly. The coat is available in a variety of colours, with cream, white, and silver being the most popular.

Dental hygiene and nail care are two other grooming requirements. Brush your Maltipoo’s teeth at least twice or thrice a week to prevent tartar and bacteria from forming. Every day is preferable. As needed, trim his nails once or twice a month, they are too long if you can hear the nail clicking on the floor. Short nails keep your Maltipoos feet healthy and won’t scratch your legs when he jumps up to greet you. To get your Maltipoo used to grooming, start when he’s a puppy. Handle his paws frequently because dogs are sensitive to their feet, and inspect his mouth and ears.

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