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Chip Away at Dog Tartar- Naturally

By December 17, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

How to tell if your dog has healthy teeth & Gums:

Be sure to start inspecting as soon as you get your puppy AND/OR after you adopt your pup so you have a reference point.

Circulation Check: Begin by lifting your dog’s lip on the left side, gently press on the gums, and then remove your finger. If the gums go from pink to white to pink, this is a good sign of healthy blood circulation to the mouth area. Gums remain red or indented may indicate inflamed gums or a possible infection.

Examine your pup’s teeth: If your pup’s pearly whites are caked with a debris (this can be a discoloration in the color of off white, white, brown, yellow) this is likely to be plaque and tartar.

Lastly, breath check- does your dog regularly have “bad breath” and you’re brushing his/ her teeth at least three times per week?

Be sure to ask your holistic vet about foods, how to brush your dogs teeth and other things you can do to make sure your pup has healthy teeth and gums! Remember healthy gums is as important as healthy teeth as gums hold the teeth! For more information on how to keep your dog healthy the natural way, please subscribe to our site blog at


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