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Next time you plan a road trip out of town, how about taking your favorite four-legged friend along for the ride?  Why are we suggesting this? We know that its more common amongst dog parents than not to have valid worry and concerns about their pets while they are away- 80+% of y0u in fact.  If your worries are preventing you from enjoying your vacation or trip, then perhaps working up to it or finding a workable travel-with-your-pet solution is one that can work for you!

Step 1: Research Dog Friendliness of Your Trip

Once you’ve found a dog-friendly destination, it only takes a little additional planning — and maybe a few helpful products — to make your trip an experience you’ll both enjoy.  Some factors to consider are if you will be required to stay in a hotel/motel or air bnb or if you will be camping or glamping. Will the destination you are visiting be a different climate, have appropriate accommodations for your pet such outdoor dining, a place that has grass for your pet to potty and if there are additional deposits etc for bringing along a pet.

Step 2: Dog Safety First

Of course, safety comes first, so ensuring your dog’s microchip and ID tags are up to date is a must.  Just because you microchipped your pet doesn’t mean you remembered to register it.  Double the case if you adopted a rescue or inherited a friend/family members pet unexpectedly.

For your evening strolls bringing along a rechargeable LED collar will make her easier to see on nighttime walks, and, if you’ll be on the water, a well-fitted doggie life jacket is a smart idea. Remember, not all locations have well lit areas to walk on, sidewalks and you want to make sure that cars and other vehicles can see you both from an ample distance!

Step 3: Having a back up plan: 24 hour pet hospitals

No one likes to have an accident on a trip let alone when you’re at home.  But mishaps can happen and there’s nothing more anxiety provoking than trying to find the nearest pet hospital/care when you’re also battling against spotty cell phone coverage in dead zones going through miles of mountain passes.  Do yourself a favor a map out a few pet hospitals where you can get a discount regardless of the state your in along your route and have their addresses, phone numbers and hours printed out ahead of time. Better safe than sorry.

Step 4: Pacing the Roadtrip

For the drive itself, make sure you’re prepared to take frequent breaks, have collapsible bowls or dog-friendly water bottles so your pooch stays hydrated, and consider a sun shade if you’ll be traveling in warm weather.  For more safety tips and useful product suggestions, take a look at this infographic.


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