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Most dogs love just about anything you give them, but that doesn’t stop you from going out of your way to find the perfect gift for your furry friends. When you hit the pet stores this year, be sure to include these top gifts. Who knows? You might find your pup’s new favorite in the list.

1. A Bark Box Subscription

Choose a monthly subscription box for a gift that your dog can enjoy for longer than one day. Boxes are filled with items you and your pup can use. The Bark Box is one popular example that provides an assortment of treats and toys delivered to your home every month.

Don’t worry if that one doesn’t seem like a good fit or if you missed out on this year’s Cyber Monday deals. There are dozens of other options for you to choose from. Many allow you to customize contents based on your dog’s personality, chewing preferences, age and size.

2. Furbo Treat-Tossing Camera

A Furbo camera that tosses treats to your pup while you are away is a great gift idea. It lets you see what this going on at home when you aren’t there, plus it gives you direct one-on-one interaction with your pet.

The Furbo can also be an incredible tool for helping dogs with separation anxiety. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Symptoms can range from excessive barking to urinating indoors to full-blown panic attacks. It can seriously impact your pet’s quality of life if not addressed.

3. Fold-Out Sleeper Sofa

If your dog is more couch potato than endurance champion, a fold-out sleeper sofa gives them a great place to lounge. There are tons of great options to choose from in this category, so you are bound to find one that suits our dog’s size and comfort level. For example, try out an orthopedic mattress if you have an older pet.

An attractive piece of furniture is also a gift for you since it won’t interfere with your home’s appearance. It’s an extra bonus I you can find fabrics that coordinate with other furnishings in the home.

4. Custom Dog Food

Custom dog food is an excellent gift if your dog is a picky eater or has special dietary requirements. You can customize ingredients based on your pup’s preferences, so he’ll be sure to love every last bite. The ability to address unique nutritional needs means the end formula supports his overall health.

If you don’t want to outsource this vital part of your pet’s diet, then consider making a batch of homemade dog food for him instead. The American Kennel Club offers advice on how to get started, plus several recipes you can try. Start with a few simple treats if you aren’t positive this is the route for you.

 5.  Puzzle Toys

Mental stimulation is important for your dog’s overall health and happiness, but it is also an often-overlooked component of pet care. Proper stimulation helps reduce boredom, which can be a real problem. It also may help keep him sharp as he ages, possibly delaying signs of dementia.

Doggie dementia is a growing problem that people with older pets are all-too-familiar with. It may manifest as disorientation or loss of interest in favorite toys or activities. You may also notice your previously social pet is now withdrawn. Luckily, ensuring your pet is challenged can be easy and fun when you add puzzle toys like the following to his daily routine.

  • Kong Wobbler
  • Snuffle mats
  • Kong Jumble Ball

Don’t settle for another box of your pup’s regular treats this year. Give him a gift he is sure to love, such as a sofa for relaxing, custom kibble, or a puzzle toy to help keep him sharp.

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