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5 Top Reasons to Date a Dog Owner

By March 17, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Reynolds. These Hollywood hunks have one adorable thing in common—they are all doting dog owners. They are often seen carrying, walking, and spoiling their furry friends. Bradley Cooper even said that his rescued dog Charlotte loves him undyingly. Well, no surprise there.

The way someone relates to his dog says a lot about him. Author and dog owner Allie Larkin, whose books always feature a leading man who loves dogs, shares her reasons behind having a dog owner as a partner. In her first book Stay, the protagonist Van falls for her German Shepherd’s sweet and silly vet, Alex. In her latest, Why Can’t I Be You, Jenny loses her senses over a guy named Fish who has an amazing relationship with dogs. Her books got me thinking.

Why are guys who love dogs good ones to fall for?

“The traits that make for a great dog owner are also the ones so many of us look for in a partner,” said Allie. “People tend to drop their guard around their pets. Seeing a guy around his dog may give you a sneak peek of his true self.”

While we can’t all have Ryan Gosling, there are definitely plenty more adoring dog owners to date. Below are five solid reasons to date a dog owner, according to Allie Larkin.

1. Playfulness – Dogs make us silly. We talk to them. We go to the park and throw tennis balls and Frisbees over and over. Maybe we even dance with them. It makes us happier. A guy who has a happy dog hasn’t forgotten to make time to play.

2. Self-assurance – A well-behaved dog usually has an owner who is confident in his ability to train and care for his dog. Confidence is sexy.

3. Responsibility – It takes work to keep another being happy and healthy. Happy canines have consistent schedules. If he has to run home to walk the dog before he meets you for dinner, it shows that he is dependable.

4. Commitment – He’s already pledged to love, honor, and care for his dog for life. Hopefully, this means he understands the importance of commitment and also doesn’t take lifelong decisions lightly.

5. Understanding – A man who loves his dog will understand how important your furry friend is to you.

Now, let’s just hope your pups get along!

Would you go out with someone with a dog? Share in a comment. And be sure to check out Allie Larkin’s new book “Why Can’t I Be You” he


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