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Moving into a new home is exciting! Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve done it all before, there are always helpful tips to remember to make it less stressful. Throughout the process of cleaning, arranging movers, handling your finances, and protecting your new home, it can quickly become overwhelming. Bring a dog into the picture, and now there are even more things to consider to help everyone settle in.

Your dog could become just as stressed out as you are throughout the process. With extra care and some planning, they will be able to acclimate quickly to their new home. Take these tips as a way to guide you and your dog through moving stress-free. Before you realize it, you and your dog will be feeling right at home in your new place.


This first tip may be easier said than done, but one thing’s for sure: it is important to stay relaxed and calm. This involves your dog, too! Your dog can tell when you’re anxious, and they often mirror their owner’s behavior. This means when your stress levels are high, their stress levels may be too because of the emotional bond you both share. Unfortunately, they may not have good control over their high-strung actions, so remember to talk to your dog in a calming voice and give lots of praise. Introduce them to your new home and spaces in an upbeat way with a happy voice and even lots of treats. Taking them for a walk around the yard can also be a great way to burn off some extra energy.

Set Your Dog Up with Their Dedicated Comfort Space

As soon as you move in, you’ll want to scatter their toys and blankets along with other familiar objects of theirs. This goes with incorporating their crate and dog bed as well to increase their comfort. Avoid getting all new items as their powerful sense of smell will be able to tell these objects are also unfamiliar with the environment, creating more uncertainty to settle. If you plan on getting them new belongings, instead add in new items with old ones to give them time to choose on their own terms. Remember this is temporary (for the first few days) and we at dog nanny believe only two toys and treats belong out at any given point in time!

Protect Your New Home in Case Your Dog Gets Into Trouble


One of the first things you’ll want to do when moving into your new home is dog proofing! The last thing you want is to have to fix damages in your house from your dog or take your dog to the vet over a home incident. Take the time to walk around your new home and ensure there are no potential risks such as poisonous plants, electrical cords in easy reach, a gap in the fencing, loose wiring, or even expensive home systems and appliances that could be chewed on or scratched. If you’re worried about further damage to home features that should last a long time, keep them protected with a home warranty. This way, they are safely covered in the event any costly repairs are needed. Taking this step is especially favorable in case your dog decides to get into some troublesome behavior that home insurance won’t cover.

Stick to the Same Schedule

Stick to you and your dog’s regular, daily routines as best as you possibly can. Having this extra sense of predictability allows your dog to feel right at home in the new space. Keep things such as walking, feeding, and playtime at the same time you usually would. Variations happen but demonstrating normalcy with your dog’s activities will help them adjust better to all the new things occurring around them.

Prepare For Your Dog Staying Home Alone

You may want to consider taking time off work in the first week or getting a dog sitter to watch over them in the new house. When your dog is home alone in the still-new environment, don’t leave them bored! Provide them with mind-stimulating toys such as a Kong-filled treat to distract them. Keeping their mind busy about something else will deter new anxieties from developing, which can lead to bad behavior. Similarly, this is also the perfect time to refresh their training and establish good behavior in this unfamiliar environment.

Spend Extra Time Together

It’s easy to get distracted while trying to make sure the move goes smoothly, but don’t forget to give your dog some extra love and attention. While surely there are many other concerns to be thinking about, becoming less attentive with your furry companion can make the process more difficult and confusing for them–especially when you’ve finally moved in. The best part is that spending quality time together can be a great mechanism to help you both de-stress.

Give Your Dog Time to Fully Adjust

Every dog is unique and will adjust at their own pace. For some, it will be easy for them to show quick interest and excitement over the move. But for others, b. Think about stressors for your dog and what you can do to help them, specifically. If they aren’t fond of loud noises, provide them a dedicated space for comfortability. If playing with their favorite toys makes them most happy, be sure to pack them last. To speed up the process overall, you can even take them for a walk in their soon-to-be neighborhood!

It’s a given that moving with your dog can involve plenty of planning. But as long as you show extra love and patience toward them, they’ll recognize your support during this new and exciting time in both your lives.


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