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Unfortunately, we can’t control everything that happens in our lives. And some of us may get into circumstances where we have to leave our loved pet. 

It hurts, but sometimes it is inevitable. To give a pet for adoption seems to be the only right decision in this situation. 

If you have never gone through this before, you might feel uncertain where to begin. In this article, you will find writing tips on how to create a winning pet adoption ad and find a new loving family for a canine friend.

Be Honest 

Openness and honesty are key to writing an effective pet adoption ad. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to explain why you want to find a new home for your dog or cat. 

Do some of your family members suffer from an allergy? Do you stay late at work and have no one to look after your pet? Are you going to move abroad?  Provide clear explanations of why you can’t keep your pet, and your ad will gain credibility in the eyes of prospective pet owners.  

Provide Health-Related Details

In your ad, you should specify the physical characteristics of the dog, such as weight and age. Also, you should mention whether a pet has its vaccinations and pedigree certificate.

Besides, you should note whether the dog is healthy, as many adopters care about this issue. In case your dog is sick and requires special treatment, you should present this fact upfront. 

A new family should be aware of how much care and attention the pet needs.   For instance, if your dog suffers from arthritis, and you give it a massage every morning, you must write about it in your ad.

Describe Pet’s Personality

The size and the breed of your pet are not the only things that matter. Prospective pet owners also want to know the personality characteristics and temperament of the pet. So make sure to describe it in more detail.

Here is a list of adjectives you can use when writing about your pet: kind, outgoing, friendly, sociable, intelligent, gentle, agile, trusting, playful, affectionate, lively, and patient. Choose up to five relevant adjectives and add them to your copy.

Talk About a Suitable Environment

In what environment is your pet currently living? How can you describe an “ideal” future owner for your pet?

Let’s say you live in a country house with a big backyard. Your dog’s gotten used to spending most of its time outdoors. Naturally, you should specify in your ad that your dog will be a perfect fit for a family who lives in the countryside and can provide enough space.  

Or, let’s say that you live in a small New York apartment close to the park. You jog with your dog every morning. You can specify in your ad that your pet can live in small spaces, yet new owners should be ready to exercise with a dog on a regular basis.

Write About Habits

What habits does your pet have? What does your dog like to eat? Where does it like to play and sleep? You can share some basic information about your pet’s habits to help future owners imagine what their life will look like once they adopt the pet.

Also, you should specify whether your dog knows basic commands. If you have already taught your dog to “sit”, “lie down”, and “roll over”, it will be much easier to get it adopted.

Be Concise 

The tone of your voice should be clear and consistent. Otherwise, people might think that you are hiding vital details. So try to communicate your ideas as clearly as possible and choose words wisely.

Writing a pet adoption ad may seem a great challenge. So if you feel like you need professional help, check a website where you can find writers and order resume design and other editing services. Experts will polish your ad copy, helping you increase the odds of successful pet adoption.

Add Photographs 

A pet adoption ad copy is worth nothing without relevant pictures. If you want to persuade people that your dog is the cutest dog ever, you should not only write a winning ad copy but also add a few photos to prove it.

Well, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer or buy a camera for this purpose. You can take pictures on your phone.

Also, you don’t really need to get your pet to pose. You can take photos of your pet while it is playing, eating, or sleeping. Such pictures will look more natural and attract more people.

Discuss Benefits of Being a Pet Owner


How has your pet changed your life for the better? Describe your experience and help people understand how they can personally benefit from adopting your dog. 

Scientists found out that dog ownership is associated with a 24% reduced risk of death from any cause and a 33 % lower risk of death among heart attack survivors who live alone. You can rely on this evidence or share your personal experience. 

For instance, you can mention that your golden retriever is a perfect babysitter for your kid. Or, you can write about how your dog helps you relieve stress after a busy workday.

Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash 


Writing a pet adoption ad may be a stressful experience. We hope this guide will help you manage the situation and create a winning ad, so you find a new loving family for your pet.

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