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Dogs are the epitome of happiness, sunshine, and excitement in one lump of furry cuteness. The way their tails wag when they become excited, which happens a lot, just gives you that extra punch of serotonin. Thus, this could help you pull through the day.

Being friends with them is all fun and games until you realize how massive of an undertaking it is. You need to feed your dog, play with them, walk them, and a lot more. All the fun comes with responsibility and treats, coupled with a genuinely caring heart. 

So, if you’re planning to add something to your life with this kind of companionship and are prepared to give it your all, here are five things to remember when bringing home a new dog.

Vet For A Good Veterinarian

Dogs are mostly like kids. They play, jump, and run around but there are times that they get sick. In moments like these, you would normally bring your kids to your family physician to have them checked.

The same idea goes well with dogs. Having a go-to veterinary clinic means letting your dog get the medical care they’re entitled to, right when they need it. Sometimes, they don’t have to have a medical condition or a disease as veterinary clinics also attend check-ups and monitoring. These clinics also do tasks like diet planning, vaccination, or other general healthcare services. They can also give you advice about things like microchipping, neutering, and the like.

In addition, bringing your dog to a veterinary clinic before bringing them home can give you a view of their current health condition. Persisting medical conditions among dogs can sometimes be tricky to manage.  Thus, getting the right medical advice from the veterinarian will enable you to give them the appropriate care they need.

Also, some dogs need time on getting used to a new place. Having them visit the clinic at least once will make all the subsequent visits easier and less stressful for them. If you’re living in Idaho, check out Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic and other clinics to know more.

Seek Help In Raising Your Dog

Before you bring home your dog, make sure that everyone in the house is on the same page. Caring for a dog is not just your responsibility, it’s also everyone else’s duty.

If you’re living with your parents or siblings who can act as another caretaker of the dog, create a schedule on who’s going to feed when. Distributing the responsibility as early as possible will help create a safer and more comfortable environment for your new friend.

If in case you’re living with kids, teach them first how to properly interact with animals. Discussing with them that animals are family, enables them to treat your pets as one. Kids are often innocent when it comes to the impact of their actions, so educating them on the do’s and don’ts will help them learn further.

Consider Their Environment

Surely, you don’t want to let your dog live in a place full of clutter. Dogs chew on things and sometimes swallow them. Anything that may be laying on the floor will look like a tasty snack or prey in their eyes. Thus, leaving them be in a place full of debris often lead to accidents. 

The best option for this would be to clean up and dog-proof certain areas in the house. Put things in place and create more space for them to play in. Designate a play area where you’ll put their toys, so they’ll know it’s their playground. You can use your backyard as their play area and the inside of the house as their resting area. 

And since they’re new, show them how things are done. As much as possible, avoid playing with them in off-limits areas in the house. This will give them an idea that it’s not a place associated with playing. 

However, be careful in overwhelming the little guy. Make sure to gradually introduce new stuff so they can adjust with comfort and ease. Furthermore, if you already have other pets in the house, introducing them is a good idea, but let them warm up to each other naturally. Forcing your dog to be friends with other pets in the house may seem threatening for them, so do it nicely and slowly.

Buy Toys For The Good Dogs

Dogs are known to be playful by nature. Whether or not their intent on fetching the ball or mutilating a ragdoll is to play or to manifest their primal and predatorial instincts, one thing’s for sure, your dogs want toys. 

There is a myriad of options out there, ranging from different sizes and materials, as well as the ways on how your dogs could play with them. Preparing the toys before your fur friend comes home will give them an easier and more fun way of easing up in their new environment. 

Just be careful with the material and the types of toys you’ll give them. Some toys are made of materials that easily break, causing them to get chipped off and get stuck to your dog’s teeth. In most cases, this brings discomfort and if it’s not immediately mended, it could lead to graver medical situations.  

Create Routines And Policies

Creating routines for them will help them get comfortable with the new house. Getting them to eat, walk, play, and sleep in fixed schedules during the first few weeks is a crucial thing to do to make them comfortable. Helping them stick by it, will also help you set the groundwork with your busy schedule.

In addition, knowing how your dog responds to routines and rules can give you an idea of how to train them in the future to suit your dog’s personality and needs.

On A Positive Note

Getting a dog and caring for it is a fulfilling thing to do. Despite all the hardships and list of responsibilities that entail getting a dog, always remind yourself the amount of love and affection you pour onto them will be given back a thousandfold.

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