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Getting a cat or a dog as a pet means a lot of responsibility. When you are a college student, there are a lot of changes happening in your life. First, you will leave your parents’ house and live on campus together with other fellow students. Also, you will have a lot of pressure coming from your professors who are expecting excellent results from your side. So, why get a pet during college? Getting a pet is a very wise decision for a college student as it helps him become more mature and understand what having a responsibility really means. But, getting a cat is really good for a college student? If you are in doubt, then you should keep reading this article.

Do Cats Make Good Pets for College Students?

A Cat’s Maintenance is Less Expensive than Having a Dog

In comparison to dogs, cats need fewer maintenance products. Starting with the food and continuing with the grooming accessories, getting a cat will cost you less than a dog. Moreover, keeping a cat entertained and active requires less effort and investment than a dog. For example, you don’t have to take a cat to a trainer to teach it how to use the litter and don’t destroy the room while you are away. Cats are not so hyperactive as dogs, and they can resist better when they are left alone.

A Cat Can Easily Cheer You Up

“A cat is an excellent companion in stressful situations. It is practically impossible to feel down when you have a cat purring on your lap”, says Marie Fischer, a blogger at TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay. Especially when your cat is still young, it can be very energetic and do a lot of unexpected things in the room. When you come back after a tiring day full of classes, meeting two little eyes and a funny face will take away any stress and tiredness off your shoulders. Also, cats have a unique sense that enables them to quickly feel when you are not in the best mood. Therefore, they are able to change their attitude and become more affectionate to help you cope with stress.

Cats can Help You Finish College

Did you know that cat parents are more likely to finish their degree than dog owners?  Its true.  The benefits of being a pet parent are universal. Someone to give you unconditional love and also the responsibility of caring for another sentient creature is a need that can be easily and affordably achieved at this stage in life.  There’s a sense of satisfaction in providing a good quality of life for a creature that ordinarily would not have regular meals, shelter and safety from their outdoor elements, not to mention access to pet care (there are so many feral cats out there!).

Cats Have a Positive Impact on Your Health

You will quickly discover that petting your cat after a stressful day will relax you a lot and help you become calmer. “Thanks to their ability to relax their owners and calm them down, cats help you keep your heart healthier. Even though you don’t consider it an important aspect, the results are excellent in the long term”, mentions Estelle Leotard, a writer at Studicus and BestEssay.Education. Having a cat from a young age will help you cope with stress better. Also, you will notice that you sleep better when your cat sits next to you, and you feel more positive. Therefore, your heart will be healthier, and you will increase your chances of living longer.

 You Should be Prepared for the Potential Damage

“Even though they are low-maintenance, cats scratch a lot of things as well. So, apart from the various benefits they bring for any college student, you should also be prepared for the potential damage. Cats are also very active, and they can break things or tear them down”, says Melanie Sovann, a writer at WowGrade and SupremeDissertations. If you share your room with a colleague, you should take this aspect into consideration. In addition, a college student’s budget is very tight. So, you should think about the costs of repairs in case your cat damages things.


There’s no doubt that cats are great companions. They can easily cheer you up and help you cope with stress. A cat is also a very loyal friend. It will be waiting for you every day when you come back from classes and stay next to you when you go through difficult times. Also, its maintenance is very cost-effective. Cats are also not very pretentious, and they don’t involve high maintenance costs. Therefore, if you want to learn more about responsibilities and prepare to become a very responsible adult, then getting a cat is a very wise first step.

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About the Author: Bridgette Hernandez is a Master in Anthropology who is interested in writing and planning to publish her own book in the nearest future. Now she works as a freelance writer at PickTheWriter. Kristin runs her own FlyWriting blog.

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