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Dog Photo Booth Time

By September 11, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

What memorializes friendship more than the cliche photo booth? A dog photo booth. Here at New York Dog Nanny, we know that our gals and guys don’t have the long arms (not thumbs) to reach out and take a instagram photo with their paws, so we do it! Talk about service. Does your New York city dog wish they had an assistant? A helper? A dog nanny? Well, under our care, your pooch can receive dog photos, new friends, reunions with old ones, or perhaps just casual encounters for the loners. If your little nyc dog only likes other smaller pooches in a daycare setting or kennel, no problem. Your small breed dog is in the right city for the type of catered care he/she deserves. In the big apple, the dog capital of the world, anything and everything is possible for your new york city dog when your travel, go away to the beach, or have a family reunion that is in a pet friendly hotel (boo!!).

See if your dog needs some gal time, a guy’s weekend or just some plain good ole dog time at the Nation’s Top Ranked Dog Services Company- New York Dog Nanny. According to Protect Your Bubble, we are for Summer Travel this year. Come check us out and see why!


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