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How to Get Your Dog Through the Summer Heat

By June 26, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

Woof! It’s summer time in New York which means yet another popular time for sun-birding. If your dog is lucky, he/she will be whisked off to the Hamptons or the Shore, but if you are staying local, fret not– there are tips for ALL dog owners on how to keep your pooch nice and cool for Summer 2012.

Hydration: Dogs like people need a FRESH cool water supply. If you have a pup with a short nose (pug, French bull dog, Boston terrier), be sure to make sure they have access to water. You can keep their water bowls cool by filling them up the night before and freezing the bowl.

A cooling mat
: Ever see a pup sprawl out with all limbs on the floor? This is one of the many ways your pup trying to cool down. Help them do this faster with a cooling mat. These awesome mats are waterproof (so they won’t mess up the hardwood floors) and provide enough hours to cool your dog down. They are readily available on and the go to spot after a walk in the sun.

Fan/AC: Remember, no matter how hot you are, your dog is much, much hotter. Dogs have hair/fur, and this makes them hotter in the summer months. Be sure to leave the A/C or the fan and close the door to keep the cool air in. If you are interested in saving some money, have your dog walker turn on the A/C in the middle of the day if the day is not expected to be too hot.

Pupcicle- New to the market. Popcicles are not just for people anymore, but Pupcicles are just for dogs. Let your dog cool off in a tasty and fun way.

Brush your dogs hair regularly: Your dog will continue to shed hair over the summer so be sure to stay on top of the brushing so that their skin folicles and breathe. Your pup doesn’t need extra hair trapping heat further.

Increase your morning and evening walk times: Your pup loves to go for walks. By simply waking up 15 mins earlier or taking a nice stroll after dinner, you and your pup can indulge in the cities finest scenery and parks– but in a refreshing way. No need not overexert yourself during the midday heat wave.

Wipe down their paws BEFORE and AFTER the walk: Dog’s paw pads have direct contact with the pavement and are linked to regulation of body temperature. Make sure you keep your dog’s body temperate safe for the summer by using a cool towel before and after each walk.


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