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How to enhance Your connection with other NYers

By June 30, 2012March 26th, 2015No Comments

As a network social bee extraordinaire, connecting is what I love to do. In my former careers it was connecting people around ideas or to help others find jobs and creating a space conducive to chit-chat for classmates. Later on, it was connecting with dog owners and prospective dog owners. While I still spend a great deal of my time getting to know my clients and their dogs, I also really enjoy connecting my dog nannies and dog owners. Now I get to spend my time creating last connections between dogs and my staff.

Connection is easy to make, sometimes not as deep as we would like– but connecting with other dog appreciators always is. And isn’t love for a common interest the best way to genuinely connect? Having a dog in my life and connecting with dogs and their people in the street helped make my time in New York all the much sweeter. We are so lucky to live in a city where meeting a nice little dog is all it takes to make any moment a giddy one.

How to connect with other dog owners:
1) Ask a dog owner if their dog is friendly and can be touched. Some people are in a rush and consideration is always appreciated.
2) Connect with dog owners at prime dog walking hours: 5-7pm in Manhattan. 4-7pm in Queens.
3) Carry treats. Every dog loves treats. You can ask the owner if their dog would like a treat.
4) Let the dog come to you. Some dogs are wary, you are a stranger. Let them come to you.
5) Thank the owner and the dog for their time.


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