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It is essential to spend time playing with your dog as a dog owner. Games are a fun way to keep your dog entertained while simultaneously reinforcing their obedience training and teaching them new feats. Dog games do not have to be complicated. The simplest games are the ones that your dog enjoys the most.

Playtime provides mental stimulation, exercise, and a way to bond with your dog. Playing games with your dog helps prevent boredom and the behavioral problems that come with it.



The best games for dogs provide both physical and mental activity. Here are seven games you can play with your dog to keep it interested, stimulated, and entertained.

1. Find the Treat

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and like exploring new places with their nose. Allow your dog to use its intellect and nose to sniff out hidden treats.

Snuffle mats have become all the craze for dog parents who are looking for enriching games for their pups.


Start by keeping your dog out of sight. Then, at different places around the room, hide its favorite treats. Before hiding the treat, allow your dog to smell it, allowing your pet to get familiar with the smell. Find-a-treat is a great way to exercise your dog, reinforce the sit and stay commands, and introduce tracking or detecting tasks.

Besides, if you notice your dog is stressed or anxious during games, try feeding him high-quality supplements. Boosters like CBD for dogs are an excellent way to keep your dog calm and relaxed and enjoy their games and bonding activities. Give your pet CBD oil made for canines before playing any games. Moreover, there are some great CBD dog treats on the market that your dog will enjoy during activities. If you want to enhance your bonding experience with your dog, you should try kratom. Read this white maeng da vs white borneo review for more information.

2. Tug of War Play Dates

Tug of war is a fun and constructive game for you and your dog to enjoy WITH OTHER PUPS. It is an exciting way to spend time with your dog to get some one-on-one sparing with another pup of equal weight and strength while also getting some exercise.

Many dogs enjoy the tug-of-war game. Not only does it allow them to release their pent-up energy and inherent predatory urge, but it also keeps them active. Ensure your dog learns the release command before playing tug-of-war. Get a robust and solid tug toy and start tugging. Let your dog occasionally win, as this acts as a confidence booster.

3. Fetch

Fetch is a straightforward and popular game that requires minimal instruction. You throw a ball into a vast open space, and your dog runs to get it and then returns it to you to throw again.

Many dogs have a natural impulse to retrieve things. Fetch game is played both indoor and outdoor. You can play with a soft toy indoors or with a ball or disc outside in a well-fenced area.

4. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is not just for children. It is a fun game that dogs also love. Moreover, this game is an exciting way to work on your dog’s recall skills.

Tell your dog to stay first. Then find a suitable hiding spot with one of your dog’s favorite toys, chews, or treats. Call out your dog to look for you when ready. Shake the treats or squeak the toy to grab your dog’s attraction. Once your dog has found you, reward your dog heartily with the treat or toy you have.

5. Interactive Toys

There is a range of entertaining, interactive dog toys that need problem-solving. Many pet supply stores sell dog treat dispensers and dog puzzles of different complexity levels.

You can make your own by drilling holes in a water bottle or other plastic container at home.  Fill the toys with tasty treats and assign your dog the task of finding out how to get the treats out. This is a great way to stimulate your dog’s brain and sense of smell, satiating its natural hunting instinct.

6. Chasing Bubbles

Chasing bubbles with your dog is a fun pastime to enjoy. It entails blowing a few bubbles for your dog to chase. The bubbles may first surprise or even alarm your dog. However, by pointing them out and then bursting them with your hand, you can show your dog that they are harmless.


Bubble chasing can be entertaining for dogs as it stimulates their hounding impulses. They get to see, follow, and snap at the bubbles.

7. Build a Dig Box

A dig box is similar to a sandbox in that it is a designated area where your dog can dig. It is an excellent option to let your dog dig without ripping up your garden or lawn beds.

Depending on your dog’s interest, you can hide a treat or one of its favorite toys in the box to encourage them to play.

The Bottom Line

Games keep your dog engaged and help you create a closer bond. It keeps your dog occupied and entertained. However, ensure you encourage, praise, and reward your dog for successful attempts and excellent behavior during games to keep him engaged.

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