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Have you ever wondered about the different jobs dogs do? 

Dogs are one of the most popular companion animals in the United States. About 63.4 million households own at least one dog. 

Most dogs will stay by your side at home as your best friend and housemate. However, with enough training, they can be more than what you expect. 

Here are some of the most unique and incredible jobs that only dogs can do. 

Service Dogs

One of the most popular jobs for dogs is being a service or assistant dog. These are dogs that help people with different disabilities. They get trained to behave in various situations to accompany the owner anywhere. 

For example, they act as guide dogs for visually impaired individuals. They may also act as your ears if you have a hearing impairment. Service dogs help you achieve a better lifestyle if you have health issues or disabilities. 

Police Dogs

Police dogs, aka K-9s, are dogs that help police officers and law enforcement personnel. They protect their owners and chase down suspects who run away from the police. Some can also sniff out substances to help with the case like detection dogs. 

Detection Dogs

Detection dogs are specifically trained to sniff out certain substances. They have an exceptional sense of smell and get motivated with positive reinforcement. The common types of substances that they sniff out include drugs, blood, explosives, and human remains. 

Some detection dogs can also detect abnormal blood sugar levels, cancer, and insects. This is one of the most important dog jobs found in law enforcement, health care, and wildlife biology. 

Search and Rescue Dogs

These dogs not only excel in the sense of smell, but they also have excellent hearing abilities. They can find missing people in various weather, debris, and even underwater. Search and rescue dogs specialize in many fields like tracking and avalanche rescue.

Therapy Dogs

Are you feeling mentally and emotionally drained for most of your days? Therapy dogs are friendly, trained dogs involved in a patient’s therapeutic plan. You can find them in hospitals, schools, daycares, and nursing homes. 

Many dogs can become therapy dogs, but they need the right training. Therapy dogs get trained to have the best temperament and socialization. 

Herding Dogs 

These are one of the best jobs dogs do for people. Herding dogs help their owners handle various kinds of livestock, from sheep to cattle. They help round up the livestock and prevent them from running off elsewhere. 

These Are Some Jobs Dogs Do Other Than Being Your Best Friend

We hope you enjoyed reading some of the most incredible jobs dogs do for people. These dogs with jobs can help not only you but also the people around you. Their unique jobs can improve your lifestyle with their extraordinary skills and abilities. 

Interested to know more about dog jobs or other animals that can do more? Consider reading our other guides with more exciting information and tips. We have all the information you need to know about pets and animals. 

Infographic credit: Dog Facts Infographic from Pawstruck

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