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You can always tell if a dog is happy and healthy. If you are looking to ensure that you give your cheerful companion the best, then you have come to the right place. Here are several fantastic ways to keep your dog happy:

1. Plenty of Exercise

Your dog needs to be fit. Having a backyard does not imply your dog is getting all the required exercise. Further, ensure you engage your dog in multiple levels of activities, targeting different body parts and stimulating the mind. Walks, hikes, hide and seek, swimming, and playing fetch are physical activities you could try. Consider keeping your dog warm during walks using large dog coats.

Further, allow the dog to join you on various activities, let it dance with you, or run with you in the morning. Aside from the fun company, your dog will enjoy the change of scenery. If your dog isn’t accustomed to strenuous exercise, start with shorter hikes and gradually increase the pace.

2. Proper Nutrition

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Ensure you feed your dog an adequate amount of food, maintaining a proper nutritional balance. Not all nutritional information is obvious. You may have to seek nutritional advice from your veterinarian to give your dog all it needs. Consider a supplement, if necessary, one with the ability to support the innate immune system of animals.

A healthy nutrition system also regulates the animal’s weight, preventing obesity-related illnesses. A healthy system extends your dog’s lifespan. Be sure to keep your dog adequately hydrated.

3. Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

As a dog owner, it is up to you to provide your dog opportunities to expand their stimuli and wit. Dogs love exploring new places, showing curiosity in multiple things within their environment. Try introducing your dog to new activities and new people often. For instance, you could try changing your morning-run route or make variations in routine errands, introducing your dog to new smells and sounds.

Don’t be too afraid to try new things; your dog can withstand more than you think. The resilient animals are capable of expanding their mental capacity based on their experiences.

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4. Love and Affection

A strong bond is good for both you and your dog, adding undeniable value to your life. Dogs seek human affection, looking for cues to experience a bonding moment. Activities such as cuddling, tummy rubs, and petting are great ways to seal the connection with your dog.

A strong emotional connection with your dog enhances its moods, improving its interactions with other animals and humans. A dog is not just a security tool. It is the perfect company, often giving you solace and joy. The little actions count and go a long way in solidifying your relationship with your lovely pet.

5. Give Your Dog a Job

Little jobs make dogs very happy. Having things to do such as carrying the mail or fetching your shoes keeps them active throughout the day. Additionally, the dog may perceive some of these tasks as play, engaging their bodies and minds, influencing their natural willingness to work.

6. Socialization

Dogs playing at Dogma Dog Daycare in the West Village, Manhattan/NYC

Did you know that your dog has a social growth process just like yours? The habits your dog picks up at a young age affect its behavior in adulthood. Therefore, try to expose your puppy to other dogs and humans as much as possible to avoid antisocial or fearful aggressive behavior in later stages of development. 

The most critical stage to instill social behaviors is a few weeks old to about 16-18 weeks. However, socialization is a lifetime process. Do not let your dog rot away in its cage or at home in its adult years. Various options to consider for socialization include taking it to the dog park, visiting family and friends, and walks in the neighborhood.

7. Let Your Dog Sniff

Dogs love sniffing, especially on walks. There is so much more to walking for a dog than just physical exercise. This is when your little buddy explores the neighborhood. You may use your eyes to take in your surroundings, but your dog mainly uses its nose. Stop every few minutes to allow your dog to smell the environment. You may think it weird or nasty as the environment may not be hygienic, but the smell is an essential sense for your dog. Allow it to sniff.

8. Proper Hygiene and Medical Care

Keep your dog clean with regular baths. Regular dental care saves your fur baby a lot of pain from gum disease and tooth loss. Visit your veterinarian regularly and stay up to date with preventative medications. As stated earlier, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

9.  Spaying/Neutering

Having your dog spayed/neutered saves your dog from various cancers such as ovarian, testicular, and uterine cancers. Additionally, it reduces the dog’s irritability and aggression during mating seasons.

10.  Teach Your Dog to Relax

Dogs have a hard time staying calm in various surroundings. You may notice that your pup gets fearful or highly anxious. You may even see that your dog is agitated by certain things. However, with a bit of patience, you can teach your dog to relax. A calm dog is less stressed and has better impulse control. All dogs do not display similar energy levels. Some dogs, especially adolescent dogs, have high energy, intruding on some of your activities such as cooking or having a conversation on the phone.

Veterinarians prescribe Gold Bali Kratom to restless, anxious dogs. But, giving your dog too much can cause seizures, so you should always consult with a vet before administering Kratom to your pets. Consider using the reward system to train your dog. For instance, when you see your dog doing something you like, offer it a treat. Create a response system through clicks. When your dog does something such as sitting, use the click sound, then treat the dog. Continue this until the dog learns to identify the clicker with a behavior that you want.

Final Thoughts

The ten tips mentioned above would surely help you keep your dog happy and healthy. Feed your dog healthy food, take it for regular walks, and keep it mentally stimulated. Finally, don’t forget the belly rubs and cuddles because that’s what would make your and your fur baby’s bond stronger.

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