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Orijen: Our Kibble of Choice

By January 18, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Orijen is our kibble of choice at New York Dog Nanny. How did we determine this? That we know of Orijen has all the right nutrients for a balanced diet and except for the fire in one of their plants, we can’t seem to find a reason to not recommend them. Not sold on Orijen? Our next recommendation would be Taste of the Wild which is a few bucks less but has the same ingredients (and no smell).

Dogs seem to go wild for the Stella and Chewey’s dried burgers (and yes all the flavors). For more info on our recommendations, keep reading our articles on Fridays which we have deemed Foodie Fridays.

Thanks and keep your pup healthy- the New York Dog Nanny.


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