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Purina Pet Insurance Coverage

By March 28, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

An interesting review about Purina Pet Insurance Coverage. New York Dog Nanny highly recommends all pet owners purchase pet insurance just in case. Here is one that we recently came across. Any feedback is always welcomed.

Purina Care Pet Insurance

Company Profile
Market Share: 0.4%
Insurance Underwriter: Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha
Underwriter A.M. Best Insurance Rating: A+
Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas
Year Founded: 2008
Leadership: Michael Albo
Purina Care Pet Insurance Reviews and Ratings
BBB Rating: A-
BBB Accredited? No Rating: 8.4 (82 reviews) Rating: n/a
Facebook Page: 29,577 likes
Twitter Page: 727 followers
NAPHIA Member? No
Pet Insurance Plan and Service Highlights
Dog Insurance & Cat Insurance Available? Yes
Customizable Deductible & Co-Payment? Yes
Per Incident Deductible? No
Annual Deductible? Yes
Hereditary & Congenital Coverage Available? Yes
Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Available? Yes
Alternative Therapies Coverage Available? Yes (must be administered by licenced veterinarian)
Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage? No
Benefit Schedule? No
Per Incident Limit? None
Annual Benefit Limit? $20,000
Lifetime Benefit Limit? None
Minimum Age for Coverage: 8 weeks
Maximum Age for Coverage: None
Cruciate Ligament & Orthopedic Policy: 14 day waiting peroid, hip dysplasia and cruciate ligaments are treated as illnesses and are bilateral conditions so only one side is covered
Policy Exclusions: See full list of exclusions below
Waiting Period: 2 days for accidents, no wait for wellness coverage, 14 days for illnesses
Claims Reimbursement: n/a
Multiple Pet Discount: 5% for two pets, 10% for three pets
Vet Policy: Use any licensed veterinarian in the U.S.
Phone: 1-877-878-7462
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST
Trial Offer: 14 days
Additional Pet Insurance Policy and Coverage Details
Provides pet health insurance for cats & dogs
Torn cruciate ligaments and associated Conditions, torn meniscus and associated Conditions, patellar luxations and associated Conditions, ingested gastrointestinal foreign bodies and associated Conditions, and Gastric Dilatation and/or Volvulus (GDV) and associated Conditions are specifically defined as Illnesses, NOT as Accidents
All Illnesses are considered to be bilateral (affecting both sides of the body equally)
PurinaCare offers three different pet insurance plans:
Accident Only
Injuries & accidents
PurinaCare plus Preventative Care
Injuries & accidents
Hereditary conditions
MRI, Cat and X-ray
Lab tests
Prescription medications
PurinaCare plus Preventative Care
Injuries & accidents
Hereditary conditions
MRI, Cat and X-ray
Lab tests
Prescription medications
Annual Exams
Dental scaling/polishing
Spaying neutering
Heartworm and Flea Control
PurinaCare Preventive Care Additional Coverage
After Annual Deductible is met
Pet must be > 9 months)
Annual Exam $150 (Dogs) $150 (Cats)
Spay/Neuter $150 $100
Teeth Cleaning $200 $200
Blood Panel $75 $75
Heartworm Test $40 $40
Heartworm Medication $75 $75
Fecal Test $40 $40
Urinalysis $35 $35
Flea Prevention $100 $100
Vaccines/Inoculations $250 $250 (must be < 9 months) Microchip Implant $50 $50 Policy Exclusions: All pre-existing conditions Breeding, fertility and pregnancy Alternative care unless performed by licensed vet in clinical setting Cosmetic and elective procedures Any training All pet foods for any reason All nutritional supplements or vitamins Grooming Boarding Preventable conditions – e.g. kennel cough Accidents caused intentionally inflicted by policyholder[osd_social_media_sharing]

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