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Like humans, pets can get sick, and although they have much shorter lifespans than people, we need to do our best to give our pets the best life we can. 

You will need a professional vet, such as Paoli Vetcare & Animal Hospital, to ensure your pet’s health is always a priority. Your pet will need checkups twice each year and vaccination boosters annually. 

And knowing the signs of poor health is a great way to ensure your pet’s health is always taken care of. So, be sure to be vigilant for these common signs of poor health.

No Appetite

If your beloved pet no longer eats as much as usual or suddenly stops eating their healthy snacks or treats, there is something wrong. No appetite is probably the number one way to tell if your pet is sick and needs medical help. 

Lack of appetite can mean many things, from illness to perhaps something that your pet has eaten that is now stuck in your pet’s stomach, throat, or digestive tract. Pets can’t talk, and this is one sure way that they let us know that everything’s not alright. 

Lack Of Movement And Energy

Just like humans, as we age, we get slower and tired easier than we did when we were younger pets are the same. If you suddenly see that your pet no longer has the same energy that it did a few days ago, it can mean that there might be a need for medical help.

One sign is to see if your pet sleeps more than usual and if they’re breathing heavier and extreme drooling from the mouth is a sure signal to seek help.

Weight Loss 

If you suddenly see that your pet has lost weight, this is a definite signal that something is very wrong. Although pets have faster metabolisms than humans, it’s easier to spot this in pets as it will sometimes seem like your pet has lost weight overnight. 

This can be many reasons, though, as sometimes your pet might not want to eat because of environmental issues. But if this continues for a few days, seek medical help as soon as possible if you notice extreme weight loss in your pet. Some concerns from extreme weight loss can include thyroid problems, anxiety, diabetes, and a few others. 

Change In Behavior 

You should know how your pet behaves after some time, and if you notice that your pet no longer wants the same love and attention or is hiding from you, this can mean that your pet is ill. 

Behavior change is a sure sign that something is not right and your pet can’t let you know by talking, so it’s up to you to notice if your pet has changed the way it behaves. In some cases, your pet might even become vicious towards you or family members, which can be a dangerous situation.

Your pet entrusts its entire life to you, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you look after your pet to the best of your ability. If you see any sudden changes seek veterinary help as soon as possible, as the longer you leave these signs, the worse the situation can get.

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