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Being a college student can be stressful, especially if you move away from home and into a dorm or share a flat with someone. While you can go to the gym, start a new hobby, or meet new friends on campus, there’s also the possibility of getting a pet to help you cope with college stress. 

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your room or apartment, but you should be mindful of which fluffers you go for. Cats can be quite independent and fine on their own while you’re tending to lectures but dogs can be more affectionate and cuddlier at the end of the day. Let’s discuss the effects of pet ownership on college students and how you should approach choosing your pet if you’re set on getting one soon.

An Anxiety Coping Mechanism

Anxiety, depression, and stress, in general, are associated with college studies too often to ignore the fact. Many students struggle with finishing up their tasks on time and getting enough rest while also having a life of their own. With a pet by your side, you’ll be able to handle these emotions in more mature and objective ways. 

Your pet will be there for you to cuddle, play with, give treats to, wash, and otherwise interact with. This will help clear your mind and give you the vent you need to keep going instead of giving in to negative thoughts. It’s one of the most important reasons why owning a pet as a college student is ultimately beneficial.

Motivation to Focus on your Projects

Having a pet next to you 24/7 can be quite motivating and help you feel better as a college student with a plate full of projects and papers to do. As you’ll spend a lot of time writing essays, studying, doing research, and tending to other isolated tasks on your own, your pet will be right there with you. 

This can alleviate much of the stress associated with studying or writing for long hours as you’ll often get up to stretch, give your pet a treat, and pet them. You can also use to have your papers written or edited if you’re short on time and need to work on multiple essays or courses simultaneously. By owning a pet, you’ll be able to focus on your tasks better and get more work done while you’re in your room or apartment thanks to your trusty sidekick.

A Reason to Go Outside

Getting a pet can be a great way for you to motivate yourself to go outside as a student. While you’ll undoubtedly be buried in papers and projects, you’ll still need to go outside to get some fresh air. Having a dog, for example, can be a great motivator to do just that. 

You can walk your pet to the local park, take them around the block, or even visit the pet store to get some treats. Making friends with like-minded pet owners will also be much easier and lead you to make new friendships and connections effortlessly. Any of these activities will help you cope with the stress related to being a college student and are amazing reasons why you should get a pet.

Choosing the Right Pet

There’s no denying that pets can be that ray of sunlight you’ve been looking for as a college student. Having a puppy, a bunny, or a parrot wait for you every day and be genuinely happy to see you can be a wonderful feeling. But, what should you take into consideration when choosing the right pet?

  • How much space can you spare in your room/apartment?
  • How much disposable income do you have for pet ownership?
  • How often are you absent from your room/apartment daily?
  • Do you live alone or would you co-own a pet with someone?
  • How often do you travel or go on vacation as a student?

Picking the right pet is extremely important, as you don’t want to neglect the animal you’re taking care of. Once you decide on the dog, cat, turtle, or any other pet, understand that it’s a long-term commitment. Your pet will give you just as much attention and help de-stress as you’ll do the same for them.

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