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Strut Your Mutt 2012 Relaxation Station Surprising Findings

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If there is one unexpected take-away dog owners might find surprising about the New York Dog Nanny Reiki Massage Booth attendees is that 80% of this years participants reported “anxiety” as the issue to sort out.  Is anxiety on the rise in dogs in NYC? Is city life becoming too much and retreats to hiking in upstate and Jersey on the horizon for your dogs optimal health and reduced stress. As a dog caregiver, walker and dog owner, I highly recommend weekly walks and hikes so your dog can “regroup” and “collect” themselves by exploring in the woods, sniffing new smells and getting a wiff of some really fresh air.  Let your dog be a dog and reduce anxiety in a way that will benefit their health, boost their immune systems and get their heart rate up.

Last year a reported 95% of the dogs stopping by New York Dog Nanny’s Reiki Station at Strut Your Mutt complained of hip and joint related concerns.


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