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Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dogs

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Top 10 best hypoallergenic dog breeds
May 18, 2010 4:01 PM by Kelsey Havens
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You wouldn’t disown a family member over allergies, but many families forego their puppy parenting dreams to keep the family allergy free. Not all dog breeds trigger watery eyes and sneezes, however: Some shed less, have less dander or don’t have any fur at all! We found the top 10 best — and cutest — dog breeds for a family with an allergy problem.

10. Bichon Frisé
Don’t let the puffy coat fool you. These little marshmallows are jolly, easy to train and don’t shed. As long as you brush their curly tresses, they won’t shower dander and dust. This breed is great for a family wanting a small, cheerful dog as an easygoing companion.

For the other 9 breeds, please check out where this article was reposted from by New York Dog Nanny.


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