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Whether you need to go on a business trip or want to take a lovely vacation – it is so much sweeter when you can take your pet with you. Making new memories with your pets is something to be cherished, and it is worth going the extra mile for. Taking pets on trips can present a challenge, but it does not necessarily have to be that way. In the past, it was seen as a luxury to be able to travel with your pet. Mostly due to the complexities it presents.

Thankfully, having a pet-friendly hotel policy is becoming the new norm. Nowadays, there is an abundance of options when it comes to great places that allow furry friends, and even have entertainment ready for them. While you can have a blast kicking back and enjoying some book of ra de, your pet may be able to have a play session with other animals. Some hotels are forward-thinking enough to ensure that your beloved friend will have a fantastic time, just like you and your family.

The Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels Around the World

The Liberty Hotel, Boston

The Liberty Hotel in Boston is one of the most prominent pet-friendly hotels in the USA. The interior has a luxurious feel to it, yet it still manages to capture a historic charm that is exclusive to the city. Located in Beacon Hill, the hotel is close to the center of all the action. It is within walking distance from Boston’s best dining places, as well as shopping hot spots. The hotel makes it a priority to take great care of pets. Animals receive a bed, regular food, and there are “Yappy Hours” with special offers for the four-legged friends.

Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas

If you would love to go on a gambling trip but are concerned that you have to leave your animals at home, don’t worry. You can be sure that there are pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas. The Four Seasons is an excellent option to consider for your stay. It features a spa center, gorgeously designed rooms, and also is adjacent to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. The hotel has pretty much everything one could want or need on a gambling trip. From relaxation to playing at the tables, and enjoying a drink at the bar – all is covered. Most importantly, pets are allowed and welcome to stay.

Zabeel House Hotel, Dubai

When it comes to pet-friendly hotels in Dubai, the Zabeel House ticks all the boxes of comfort and convenience. It is located in the city center, so you can be sure that the hottest nightlife, shopping, and dining locations are nearby at all times. The hotel has spacious, modern guestrooms, outstanding room service, and a variety of attractions on call. Apart from a sports club, and an impressive swimming pool, there is also a playhouse for kids to enjoy.

Hilton Olympia Hotel, London

The Hilton Olympia is a pet-friendly hotel in the UK that has quite a reputation for being a luxurious haven. It has multilingual staff, 24-hour service, outstanding cuisine, and is within walking distance from all of London’s hot spots. Sightseeing attractions such as the Kensington High Street, as well as Holland Part are just minutes away. The Hilton Olympia is sure to provide you with an overall delightful experience, and a most welcome visit.

Hyatt House, Orlando

Are your children big fans of Walt Disney? If so, a visit to the mecca of Universal Studios should only be a matter of time. Luckily, there are quite a few pet-friendly hotels by Disney World, so your furry friend won’t have to miss out on the fun. The Hyatt House is located only a 3-minute drive from the tourist attraction. It is known for being cozy, having great service, and having a great pet hospitality policy. The Hyatt House is a safe bet for booking your stay, and the proximity to Disney World is as close as it gets.

We hope that you enjoyed our recommendations. You can be sure that any of these hotels will provide a great stay if you choose to make a reservation. Apart from making you feel great, your pets will be able to enjoy a warm welcome, as well as special boons. Having everyone in your family feel good makes any trip so much more significant. After all, our pets deserve comfort and great memories too. Let us know what your favorite pet-friendly hotels are! To find pet-friendly hotels, how do you go about it? We would love to know about your experiences. Please leave your comment in the section down below.

Author’s bio:

Jeremy Ambrose began traveling with his beloved pet several years ago and travels to explore new corners of the world every year. He has faced many of the difficulties of traveling with animals and now wants to share his experience and knowledge with his readers.

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