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If it’s important for your New York City dog to enjoy her golden years, then look no further than spur-of-moment fieldtrips with your local dog sitting service. Labor day weekend was a serendipitous moment for two lucky pups- Amigo and Winky (above) whose parents graciously agreed to a day of hiking for their two nyc dogs.

Outsourcing dog services like hiking and nature walks are fun and can be really great for your dogs! Most dogs love nature and really get a sense for the great outdoors on lovely 6 hour day hike.

Pups get to soak up the trees, the dirt, walk past streams and also just be a dog. Your pup can bask in the sun, chill on a rock and also enjoy the lovely scenery of not one but two lakes just one hour north of NYC.

If you are wondering if there is a dog service that can improve the health of your pups, if you are a laid back dog owner who appreciates service and the people that care for your dog, then this might just be the dog service for walking, dog daycare, kenneling / kennels for your new york city dog. Upstate or tristate dog services can be just the compliment to your city dog’s lifestyle.

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