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Whether big dogs or small dogs are better is a common debate people get into. But, both will be equal; it just depends on who it is for and what their lifestyle is like. Everyone is different and has their reasons for having their preferences. Bigger and smaller dogs both have their pros and cons. One big pro for small dogs is that they don’t take up as much space.

There are a lot of good small dog breeds, and then there are breeds like Goldendoodles that can come in all sizes, big and small. The size of a dog is what most people consider first when deciding if a breed is perfect for them. 

Small dogs are perfect for people who don’t have a lot of room in their homes, travel a lot, or even those who just want to snuggle with their little pup. Here are some benefits you will have when traveling with small dogs.

You Don’t Need as Many Supplies

The amount of space that small dogs need is usually why most people like small dogs better. They don’t need a ton of space to run around, or they don’t need a huge bed to sleep in. The same goes for when you are traveling. They don’t need as much space for their food and supplies, and also, they don’t take up too much space in the car. Whether in a crate or just in the backseat, they don’t need as much space as a medium or large-sized dog would need.

However, most people said they noticed smaller dogs need to use the bathroom more often than bigger dogs because they have a smaller bladder. But it’s not that much more often and this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as you can take them to use the bathroom anytime you stop to fuel up the car during the road trip. Plus, if your dog needs to use the bathroom in the worst-case scenario, you can pull over and let them do their business.

Your Dog Won’t Exceed Hotel Weight Limits

Most hotels will have weight or height limits for any dogs that are going to be staying there. But with a small dog, you won’t have to worry about this much! However, you should always double-check the hotel’s requirements before you decide which hotel you want to stay in. Also, you can always call customer service if you are unsure about your dog meeting the requirements.

Small Dogs Can Fly With You on the Plane

Most of the time, your dog will have to fly in cargo which can be scary for your dog. But if your dog fits in a small crate tucked under the seat in front of you, it can be by your side the whole time.

Traveling in the Car

As mentioned before, small dogs are easier to travel in cars because they take up less space. Small dogs will also track a lot less dirt into the car and they can comfortably sit on your lap during the drive. However, this isn’t the safest place for them to be if you were to get into a crash, so I would advise only doing this when you are not driving in the city.

Going Camping

Again, when you go camping with a small dog, they don’t take up as much space. Which means you can let them sleep in your sleeping bag while still being comfortable. Also, if they end up scratching the walls of the tent, the damage will be so much less because their nails aren’t as big or sharp. And lastly, you can get a small doggy pen for times that you can’t keep an eye on your pooch the whole time and they won’t be able to jump out as easily as a big dog would.

Traveling with small dogs is always going to be a lot easier, they don’t take up as much space, they don’t need as much supplies and food and overall are more of a joy to travel with.

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