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Alternative Health Treatment

Acupuncture to Aid Hip Dysplasia

By January 14, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Pure breed little pups are not the only canine size susceptible to hip dysplasia even though most owners of small dogs know to beforehand that hip dysplasia should be something they should look out for.   It is not uncommon now for mixed-breed dogs to experience this growing condition as well.  One helpful way to treat hip dysplasia is with regular acupuncture in addition to using  glucosamine,  Adequan.

A dog owner shares her story:  The first time I took my mixed breed dog for a treatment was years before she’d developed arthritis. Suffering from a bad knee injury, she walked into the office of veterinarian Cheryl Schwartz on three legs, and walked out on four. I was hooked.

Of course not all veterinarians are equally adept at using acupuncture. If your pet needs just mild symptomatic relief, particularly from the pain of an injury, a veterinarian with certification from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society should be able to help. For more serious and chronic diseases, it’s best to seek out a veterinarian who is an experienced practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and/or has advanced training from an institution such as the Chi Institute.  New York residents may have an easier time finding an acupuncturist in New Jersey or Connecticut since New York requires vets practicing acupuncture to also carry a degree as a vet tech.  Alternative treatments to acupuncture includes acupressure combined with the use or herbal remedies (essential oils).  Natural oils applied to the acupuncture points can be equally if not more effective for pets and their owners seeking non-invasive treatments for their pets.

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