Our knowledgeable nannies

Each of our nannies is specially equipped to meet your dog’s needs. Whether it’s a training session or looking after your dog while you are away on vacation, we are here to help make your life easier and put your mind at ease, so you can focus on your work, having fun or relaxing.

The New York Dog Nanny herself takes orders from the real force behind this dog nanny company– dog expert Todo “Frankenstein” Okimoto (Yorkie extraordinaire). Founder and CEO, Cynthia’s dedication to making sure all of direct reports (yes, we’re talking about the ones with fur) are cared for only be the absolute best of dog people. Okimoto grew up in Seattle with hamsters, gerbils, fish, cats and dogs. She currently has one malti-poo Max Pickles, who is 5 years old. Her interests are travel, reiki and outdoor adventures.

Weighing in at 5.4 pounds is the hostess with the mostess Todo Okimoto. Yorkie by day, referee by night, Todo is the inspiration and heart behind this dog nanny company. Her sassy attitude make her memorable and adorable.

Anthony Ramirez

Anthony is a NYC native from the Upper East Side and takes care of our pups in Astoria, Queens. He grew up with hamsters, fish and cats. He’s currently studying at NYU.  In his free time, he loves to read, explore and do photography.

Veronica Burke

Veronica Burke is our esteemed medical intuitive, behaviorist.  Working with the emotional and physiological components she works to change a dog’s behavior and health from incorporating a holistic approach.  From Pittsburg to the Upper West Side she can be found walking her pooches Marty and Trina.  She also is the proud mother of two kitties. She facilitates our Puppy Course and Mature Dog Training Courses.

Jane Bell

Local New Yorker Jane Bell enjoys running what is commonly referred to as a doggie bootcamp of love.  As a work-from home dog nanny, Jane is the creator and inventor of portable children and pet first aid kits all sourced locally in the USA.  Proudly serving dogs up to 55 lbs from around the city, Jane makes sure each dog is properly exercised and tended to while you are away.

Lisa D.

Our dog groomer and stylist Lisa hails from the Upper East Side, but is a Ohio native.  When she’s not making your dogs cute and clean with her top notch grooming skills and kisses, she shares her home with two cats- Cleopatra and Maccabee.  In her spare time she enjoys drawing, playing games with friends and going to the beach.  Lisa loves grooming because she adores animals and takes pride in keeping them healthy and feeling happy!

Skyler Wang

Skyler has spent much of her free time taking care of dogs for friends and families locally and in Beijing, China where she is from. She grew up rescuing dogs in her hometown. In her spare time she enjoys reading and saying hello to the dogs she meets around NYC

Taneesha Zuniga

Taneesha is an NYC native, proud doggie mom and doggy auntie. Her two pups Boris (Irish woldhound mix) and Max (rat terrier) and a Nat King Cole (rabbit) and Bach and Beethoven (turtles). Her loves are baking custom cakes and singing.

Chiharu Fujita

Chiharu raised two huskies in NYC. She loves taking care of animals! She is part of a choir that performs around NYC.

Cristian Beard

NY native Cristian has been working professionally with pets for the past 7 years. In his spare time he enjoys going to dog shows and other canine events.

James Evans

James Evans, dog handler is a friend to many dogs. He is proud dog dad to Lulu Bell- a Cairyn Terrier. James grew up with a cat and dog in Riverdale. In his spare time he watches Pet Documentaries and Manga and can be found at the dojo practicing martial arts.

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