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Do you have a bulldog you love at home? Do you know someone who’s absolutely obsessed with bulldogs? How could anyone not be?

Those cute scrunched faces and stubby legs are hard not to love! With so much love to go around, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for bulldog lovers. You can use these gifts for yourself or for a friend or family member who loves bulldogs too. 

What do you buy someone who’s a huge bulldog lover? 

Luckily, there are many wonderful, unique, and awesome gift ideas for dog lovers of all sorts! For a list of bulldog gifts, continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the perfect gift for your bulldog lover. 

1. A Lifelike Statue Figurine 

Lifelike statue figurines of bulldogs are the perfect gift for someone who loved bulldogs but doesn’t have their own. It’s also a great gift for anyone who may have had a bulldog travel to doggy heaven. You can choose a figurine that resembles their pup and reminds them of their bulldog each time they walk by.

These figurines are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They look so lifelike they might even fool anyone passing by! A shaded spot by the front door makes for wonderful home decor. 

2. Customized Socks 

Did you know you can have customized socks made for your bulldog lover? That’s right! There are several different sites that’ll let you customize a pair of socks for you. 

Not only will you have a pair of socks with bulldogs on them, but you’ll have a pair of socks with pictures of your own bulldog on them! Here’s how it works: you submit the photo of the bulldog you want to them. They then print the image onto the socks. 

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves bulldogs and cozy socks. 

3. Car Bobbleheads

Does your bulldog lover have their own vehicle? If so, then you’ll want to buy them a bulldog car bobblehead. Place the bobblehead on the dashboard and watch it dance about each time you’re in the car.

This is a hilarious gift for someone who drives around with their bulldog often. Just imagine seeing someone drive down the road with their bulldog bobblehead on the dash and their real bulldog out the window. 

4. Customized Blanket

Just like the customized socks, you can create a customized blanket! If you know someone who loves warm blankets and loves bulldogs, then this is the perfect gift for them. You can find a few different websites that offer blanket customizations. 

You may be able to find warm and cozy blankets with pictures of bulldogs on them, which is a great gift! To make it even more perfect, you can submit pictures of any bulldog you’d like. The photo you sent will then be printed onto the blanket just like the socks. 

5. Bulldog Mom/Dad Hat

You’ve seen the mom and dad hats, but have you seen the dog mom and dog dad hats? You can find dog mom/dad hats just about anywhere, and you can even find bulldog mom/dad hats too! The bulldog lover in your life will be excited to put their new hat on each time they get dressed!

You might even be able to find bulldog grandma/grandpa hats too. Once you find one of these hats, you can even choose different colors and styles to select the right one for you. 

6. Bulldog Keychain Pendant 

Do you know someone who’s always adding another keychain to their collection? Some people enjoy having multiple keychains on their keys. A friend who loves bulldogs and enjoys having keychains will adore their new bulldog keychain pendant. 

There are many different bulldog keychain pendants to choose from. You can find some with colored collars or cute sweaters. You can even find some with dog names on them. 

If you’re lucky, then you may find one with the name of the bulldog you love on it!

7. Bulldog Accessories 

Someone who loves bulldogs and owns a bulldog themselves will enjoy receiving bulldog accessories. Consider stopping at the pet store and looking for the perfect gift for bulldog lovers. You’ll be sure to find more than one!

Dog harnesses, leashes, toys, dog beds, and more can all be found at your local pet store. If the person you know loves their bulldog like you know they do, then all they’ll want is more stuff for their pup. Even a new collar or name tag will be a wonderful gift. 

8. Bulldog Toys

Bulldog toys are a perfect gift for your bulldog lover. Bulldog toys will help keep their pup occupied when they need a moment to themselves. Although you could go to the store and find a few toys, there are also more convenient ways to send dog toys to them.

For example, there are boxes that you can order to have delivered right to their door. They even make some boxes specifically for the bully breed! Because there are so many different boxes to buy for your pup or for someone else’s pup, it’s a good idea to do some research ahead of time. 

Read reviews and browse websites until you find the right one for you. Some boxes will even send a combination of toys and treats to keep that pup happy.

9. Decorative Pots

Dog lovers and plant lovers alike will love decorative pots in the shape of bulldogs. These pots are unique and super cute! The pots have the face of an adorable bulldog on them and make for the perfect plant pot. 

Place these pots inside on your windowsill or outside. Place your favorite plants inside them and watch them grow! Anyone with a green thumb and a love for bulldogs will appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

10. Customized Canvas

For someone who can’t get enough of their bulldog, a customized canvas is a great idea. It’s the perfect piece of artwork to hang on their wall. There are a few different ways to have the canvas made as well. 

You can have the canvas painted by a professional, but you can also send an image in and have a company print it onto the canvas also. Each option is unique in its own way, so be sure you understand the difference between the two before you choose one. 

The great thing about having a canvas customized is you have a lot of sizes to choose from! You can order a large and oversized canvas or one the size of an average picture frame if desired. 

11. Bulldog Ornament

Every bulldog lover should have their own bulldog ornament for the tree or to hang up on a daily basis. Having the ornament customized is an excellent idea. You can have the name of the pup engraved on the ornament to make it that more special. 

Each time they look at the ornament, they’ll smile and love will fill their hearts. 

12. Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace with their bulldog on it will make a loving gift. They can wear their pup’s face and name around their neck each day. It’s the perfect way to keep a pup close to the heart. 

If there’s more than one pup, then consider having multiple pendants made for all of the bulldogs in the family. 

13. Bulldog Mug

A coffee drinker and bulldog lover will want nothing more than a coffee mug with a cute bulldog face on it. You can have the pup’s name put on the mug too. Is your dog lover not a coffee drinker?

That’s no problem! The mug can be used for tea and other beverages as well. 

14. Customized Phone Case

Another great gift idea for the bulldog lover in your life is a customized phone case. What does their current phone case look like? Is it time for a new one?

Would they love having a phone case customized with their bulldog’s face and name on it? You can do that for them! 

15. Laptop Decal

The last gift idea on our list is a laptop decal. Anyone with a bulldog and a laptop should have a bulldog laptop decal. The decal sticks onto the top of the laptop.

Each time they use their laptop, they’ll be greeted with a cute bulldog face! You can find bulldog decals in all different styles, so be sure to shop around before choosing one. 

Have You Found the Best Gifts for Bulldog Lovers?

Are you still on the hunt for the best gifts for bulldog lovers? After reading through this guide, you hopefully now have plenty of great ideas to choose from. Can’t choose just one?

Why not choose a few? Select one or two favorite items from this list and gift yourself or your bulldog lover friend with a gift like no other.

For more dog topics, be sure to visit on a daily basis!

Didn’t find the exact bulldog gift? Consider converting a Picture into a Portrait for your bulldog lover!

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