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Murray Hill aka Rose Hill boasts many amazing places to walk your dog whether you’re enjoying a pm dog walk or a long am walk with your pooch.  We’ve compiled a few dog walking routes as well as cool spots you can stop along with you pooch!

Remember, when you are walking your pup, a happy dog walk includes the magic blend of predicability and surprise to hit all of the Doggy Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs- and a dog with his/her needs mets is more likely to listen to you and be happy.

Hit the East River Greenway with Your Pooch

Everyone boasts of the west side being more dog friend or even the upper east and upper west side.  In this part of Manhattan, go ahead and enjoy the East River Greenway with your pooch. Start off on east 29th street and head all the way east until you hit the greenway. When you head northbound for 10 blocks (or 10-12 mins) depending on how fast you walk, you can enjoy the recently renovated portion of the park.  You and your pup can be sure to chill-ax together, get your steps in and enjoy the breeze on your fur and faces.

Walk through Madison Square Park

If you walk your dog through Madison Square Park there are a few times that the park is going to be less packed.  Those times are after the commuters are strolling through the park, so before 7:30am and after 6:30pm.  Since it is a public park, it closes around sunset.  There’s a nice dog run for all sized dogs and for small dogs.  Dogs tend to love to mark and sniff on the gravel area near Shake Shack – another fun spot to enjoy year around. Also, this fall on some weekends you can treat your dog to an ice cream-The Puppercup will have an ice cream cart outside of Jemmy’s Dog Run- every paw-rents dream!

Walk to the Dog Run / Park on Second Ave between 16th & 18th Street

Are you looking to walk a little and have your dog run and play a lot in the am or pm. Be sure to start your day off by going to the dog run or park on second have between 16th and 18th street. The dog community there is super friendly, so be sure to bring extra poop bags to share, treats and a ball or two and you and your pup are sure to be part of the pack in no time.

Stroll around Gramercy Park

The most peaceful park to walk your dog (and not in unless you have a key) is Gramercy Park located at the South end of Lexington Ave as it hits the Union Square Area. Walk your dog to Gramercy Park by taking Third Ave all the way south from Murray Hill, take Lexington Ave all the down until you hit the park. If you feel like being surrounded by high rises, then take Park Ave down or up.  This park area tends to be quiet all hours of the day and night and is a much more relaxing stroll with your pup than going to Madison Square Park.

Take the Grand Central Stroll

Love to see art installation and arches, then walking your dog near Grand Central is just the dog walk for you!  There are some nice trees and scrubs to sniff as well as the Librarian Art Walk on E. 39th Street between Park Ave and Madison Ave.  If you’re feeling a grassy park with trees, keep heading North to Bryant Park. Feel free to do Lady Madison’s Loop and see if you can hit all the spots she likes to on her weekly pm dog walks.

Walk to St. Vartan’s Park

Live near Grand Central-ish with your dog and want to get away from the mid-town vibe?  Go ahead and walk southbound to St. Vartan’s Park on E. First Ave between 36th and 37th Street. There are tables to chill as well as some trees that your pup will enjoy sniffing!

Did we miss an awesome park or some newly planted trees or scrubbery? Let us know in the comments below!  We love to hear about awesome dog friendly spaces and events in and around NYC! If you want to stay in the know about how to socialize your pup beyond the dog park, join our community group on facebook.

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