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Pets are family, and seeing them in pain due to an illness always hits hard. Everyone wishes to treat their pet in the best veterinarian hospital and see them have a quick recovery. This blog post will give a list of the seven best hospitals for your pet in New York.

1. Kalvig & Shorter Veterinary Associates

The Kalvig and Shorter  pet clinic has been well connected to its community in Murray Hill since it began offering voluntary veterinarian services after the 9/11 disaster. For more than a decade, residents of Manhattan, New York, have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of services offered in this clinic. The top two vets, Dr. James Shorter and Dr. Barbara Kalvig, have combined their more than half a century of expertise to provide nursing care, counseling, surgery, and dentistry to all pets in New York. They tend towards a very scientific, research approach which makes their clients who value this method be very at ease.  

2.  Worth Street Veterinary Center

At Worth Street Veterinary Center, providing the best vet services for your pet is our number one priority. The clinic applies both holistic and state-of-the-art technology techniques while attending to pets. They also like informing our clients about their pets and how to best live with them while in perfect health.  While they don’t have a holistic veterinarian on site, they do have Chinese herbs as an alternative option to traditional western meds when requested.  

They have an open approach to treating pets: They fully acknowledge your pet’s role for your family, thus the main reason they treat them with utmost care. Furthermore, in Manhattan, their facility is the only pet hospital accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, thanks to our high standards in animal care. Some of the services we provide include emergency, dental, annual check-ups, diagnostic services, and many more.

3. Harlem Animal Hospital

The Harlem pet hospital is all-rounded, accommodating both emergency and non-emergency pet cases. The animal hospital is headed by an experienced and licensed vet Dr. Giovanna who attends to all types of pets brought to the hospital. Apart from offering top-notch services to your pet, the hospital is kid-friendly.

The facility offers hundreds of informative ways to take care of your pet even better. You can quickly locate us through our website or call us on our open contact at 212-933-0955. Another option for our New York-based families to reach us is through subscribing to our newsletters.

There most commonly offered services for your pets include advanced surgery, dermatology and ophthalmology, digital radiology, dentistry, humane euthanasia, and many more.

4. All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

Residents of Long Beach have enjoyed more than three decades of pet services from All Creatures Vet Services. The dog clinic comprises four highly qualified doctors committed to offering the best pet service with the help of their well-coordinated staff members. Pet services offered at All Creatures include stem cell therapy, microchip therapy, dermatology, pet vaccines, and an overall pet care service.

5.  Animal Hospital of the Rockaways

For close to four decades, residents of the Arverne area, Neponsit, Belle Harbor, and Rockaway Beach have enjoyed vet services offered by the Animal Hospital of the Rockaways. The pet hospital goes the extra mile by attending to both old and young pets. The vets study senior pets for common diseases such as arthritis and thyroid while puppies get vaccinated against illnesses.

Some of the vaccines offered by the animal hospital to young puppies include Rabies, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Distemper, and Lyme disease. The Animal Hospital of the Rockaways is AAHA –accredited and offers a 50% discount to all its first-time clients.

6.  Hudson Animal Hospital

At Hudson, the vets are led by outstanding medical care, compassion for all pets under our care, and empathy for our clients. The veterinarians at our pet clinic will give an orthopedic check-up to your pet, listen to your concerns and guide you on your decisions, making sure you make the perfect choice for your pet companion.

The Hudson Animal Hospital family comprises a diversified team of veterinarians and esteemed staff members who are animal lovers. The team is committed to ensuring all pets visiting the hospital experience the least amount of pain in all the visits. Their services to your pets include dog vaccinations, stem cell therapy for dogs, dental care, cardiology, cancer, senior dog support, heartworms, and many more.

7.  Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic

They pride themselves on how clients appreciate how we handle their cats and dogs. Their attention to detail while examining the pets is what pleases our pet owners the most. They have worked together and ensured we create a conducive environment for both the pet and owner, making them feel at home whenever they visit.

Their team is passionate about what they do, thus always coming to work ready to create a better world for pet lovers and their pets. Our pet owners have trusted us with all their pet conditions with this kind of team.

They will offer your cat and dog services such as pet travel exams, acupuncture, low-stress handling, anesthesia, vaccines, behavior, nutrition.


As seen from the above text, it is prudent that we have some of the best pet hospitals in the country. Do not allow your’ family member’ to suffer in silence while in New York, as most of these pet hospitals are only a phone call away.  

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