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8 Stylish Pet Accessories That Will Attract Pet Parents to Your Fashion Brand

By November 20, 2020No Comments

If you own a business that specializes in apparel, you might want to expand your product line to include items for your market’s four-legged friends. Since it is commonplace for pet parents to treat their animal companions as if they were their own children, they tend to spend more on them these days. As a result, the demand for trendy pet accessories has gone up over the past few years.

To help increase your sales, you should seriously consider adding pet accessories to your online shop so you can attract the pet parents who are in your audience. If you’re not sure what pet accessories will be good to include in your inventory, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Premium Leashes

With more pet parents proudly taking their pet dogs and cats for walks, some of them may want to have nicer-looking leashes to use. You can stand out by selling leashes made of more materials like quality leather or cotton rope. For a fun spin, you can try your hand at creating detachable handles with cool designs so that owners can change the look of their leashes with ease. You can get in touch with a manufacturer of customizable pet products to help you create these products.

Collar Charms

While name tags for collars are already quite popular, you can take things up a notch by offering charms that owners can attach to said collars. If you own a jewelry or crafting business, it might be a good idea to release a collection of pet-themed charms and baubles to jazz up a plain collar. Detachable charms that resemble bones, yarn, fish, and tennis balls will certainly be a hit with pet parents.

Pet Outerwear

During the autumn and winter months, a lot of pet parents want to buy stylish clothes that will keep their fur babies warm. That being said, businesses that specialize in outerwear can capture pet owners’ attention by offering sweaters and coats that are specifically designed for dogs and cats. You can create pet-friendly versions of your current products or create entirely new designs. Not only will these products help keep people’s fur babies comfortable, but they can also provide great opportunities for owners to plan matching outfits with their dogs and cats.


Some dogs and cats may not be comfortable being dressed up in pet clothes but will feel fine wearing fancy neck accessories. If you already sell bandanas or design them for a living, making some dog- and cat-sized bandanas can bring in quite a profit. Bandanas are quite a popular pet accessory that can give Fido and Fluffy an adventurous look. They’re an especially big hit with pet parents who travel often with their pets.

Fancy Neckwear

Pet parents who prefer high-end items are always on the lookout for gorgeous collars and necklaces that their pets can wear during special occasions. For jewelry store owners, you can capitalize on this demand by adding pet necklaces and embellished collars to your product range. A dog or cat sporting a chunky necklace will certainly turn heads at any formal event. Plus, there are pet parents who would love to reach for a bejeweled or spiky collar to make their pets look glam even on an ordinary day.


Pajamas aren’t just for little kids anymore. That’s right—pets can wear them, too! Expand your current sleepwear line with pet-friendly inclusions like onesies, sleeping hats, socks, sweaters, and more. They’re cuter and less bulky alternatives to the usual pet beds. Additionally, pet parents will gush over how cute their fur babies look while sporting pet-sized nighttime clothes.


Harnesses provide more support and control compared to leashes, but they tend to look too utilitarian at times. However, there’s no reason why they can’t be functional and fashionable at the same time. You can use this gap in the market to create fancy harnesses of your own. Ideally, you’ll want to use high-quality fabrics so that they’ll last a long time. It’s also a good idea to create interesting prints and colors to make them more visually appealing.


Many pet owners know what a hassle drying their animal companions can be after giving them a bath. Towels can a bit impractical, and no amount of shaking will get a pet completely dry. Pet bathrobes are a great solution for these bathing woes. Consider designing pet bathrobes that don’t require any fastening and can be worn like a cape for ease of use.

It can be confusing to decide on what pet accessories to include in your fashion company’s inventory, especially if you’re still starting out. Hopefully, this list was able to give you an idea of what pet parents like. Maybe it has even inspired you to create more unique products to market to pets and their owners. More than anything, don’t forget to have fun while designing these items for your fashion brand.

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