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8 Things Need To Know About Cannabidiol And Pets

By July 10, 2020No Comments


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Our pets mean the world to us. They make us happy, never judge us, and, most importantly, keep us sane during this fast lifestyle. It can be catastrophic to see our pets in bad health, which is why we take extra care to keep them in good health. Animal lovers around the world are in search of holistic ways that can enhance the wellbeing of their pets. Amazingly, researchers have started studying the impact of CBD on animals. They have revealed that cannabidiol (CBD) might help in relieving specific health issues in pets. So, how is CBD found?


Cannabis is a herbal plant that has more than 100 different cannabinoids.

It’s two primary compounds are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that causes a “high” in people and cannabidiol (CBD) that has no intoxicating traits. CBD offers a myriad of therapeutic benefits for humans and animals. Due to CBD’s non-intoxicating feature, it is readily used by people for medicinal and recreational purposes. Many studies have revealed the CBD effect in treating anxiety, digestive disorders, seizures, and arthritis. This makes the pet owners wonder if the benefits of CBD can be given to their pets also. Try cbd oil uk for amazing results.

Cannabis for pets is trending these days. Some pet owners have started administering cannabis, while some shops have begun selling pet treats with cannabis compounds.

So, here are the eight things one needs to know about giving cannabis to their pets.

1. CBD won’t get the pet high

Scientists extract cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant with low amounts of THC. THC is the component that causes “high,” which means administering CBD doesn’t cause any euphoria. The CBD oil, which is made by mixing CBD with a carrier oil, has high amounts of CBD, which gives a relaxing effect to the pet without intoxication.

2. Can Reduce Pain:

Humans can vocalize even the subtlest pain, but pets show chronic pain through differences in behavior such as excessive licking. Chronic untreated pain can lead to low immunity, muscle loss, weight loss, and dehydration. Pet owners should pay close attention to the change in their pet’s feeding and napping patterns all day long. Any change in these patterns should be immediately consulted with a veterinarian.

Since CBD function well in managing pain in humans, it might also be an effective pain management treatment in pets.  Research has revealed that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory traits that can help manage pain. Administering CBD can reduce nerve-related pain and minimize the influence of oxidative stress to diminish the signs of premature aging. Pet owners can give their pets CBD post consultation with their vet and help them improve their quality of life.

3. Neurodegenerative Diseases:

The neurodegenerative disease starts when specific neurons in the nervous system start getting damaged. Cannabidiol shows positive effects on people with Alzheimer’s by guarding their grey matter. Older dogs with neurological conditions can be administered CBD to guard their brain cells against free radical damage.

4. Can Treat Seizures:

Seizures are a neurological disorder mostly reported in dogs. It is a brief uncontrolled shift of the brain, whereas epilepsy is the repeated occurrence of seizures. There are various causes of seizures. Mostly it is genetic, or it can be due to liver disease, kidney failure, or brain trauma. The standard treatments of seizures in dogs include using drugs like phenobarbital, but they can be dangerous to their internal organs. In some pets, these drugs don’t even work.

The use of CBD can be useful in reducing the occurrence of seizures. People with epilepsy have shown improvements in managing their epileptic episodes using CBD. According to a PubMed article, CBD has antiepileptic traits that decrease the incidence of seizures after administering for a few months. Therefore, cannabidiol can lessen the severity of seizure and epilepsy in our furry pets also.

5. Reduces Anxiety:

Pets can sometimes show behavioral or situational anxiety. They face a lot of anxiety due to various reasons like thunderstorms, by the sound of crackers, strange people, separation, and aging. Certain visual stimuli like hats or umbrellas or specific situations like a drive to the vet can have brief reactions on the pet and cause profound consequences. They start showing symptoms like aggression, pacing, restlessness, and depression. These symptoms can sometimes cause destructive behavior in pets. CBD can be useful in relieving anxiety and stress in pets.

In humans, studies reveal that CBD can alleviate anxiety during public speaking. It can also give relief from tension in people with panic disorders. Similarly, the behavioral stress in animals like fear, aggression, and anxiety can be relieved with CBD. It can induce soothing, calming effects that help them better cope with anxiety.

6. Fights Cancer:

Almost 1 in 4 dogs get detected of cancer at some point in their lifetime. The percentage of dogs getting cancer is comparable to that in humans. Some cancers like lymphoma are more prominent in cats than dogs. Like in humans, pets can also develop cancer in any part of their body. According to the severity of cancer, the signs might vary. The most common symptoms include abdominal swelling, breathlessness, lumps, bleeding, and weight changes. These symptoms indicate prompt attention by a veterinarian doctor. CBD oil can be useful in treating our furry friends fighting this awful disease.

CBD has an anti-tumor characteristic that prevents the growth of cancer and kills cancerous cells. Research suggests that cannabidiol can stop the spread of cancer cells and increase the death rate of tumor cells without damaging healthy ones. Additionally, CBD can also enhance the immune system’s functionality to kill the infected cells, which aid in inhibiting uncontrollable cell growth. 

7. Can Increase Appetite:

Nausea is a common problem for many pets. It causes loss of appetite, restlessness, and excessive drooling. In dogs, the owners will notice that it is getting difficult for the pet to get comfortable. Whereas in other pets with nausea, they will lie in one spot while drooling.

If your pet is having trouble with eating, then administering CBD can help. CBD in cannabis can promote hunger in humans. Similarly, studies have revealed that CBD can stimulate appetite in dogs as well.

8. Promotes Heart Health:

Like humans, when pets start getting old, their cardiovascular health starts degrading. Taking cannabidiol has helped improve heart health in humans. Similarly, in animals, cannabidiol can shield the cardiovascular system from any damage by regulating the heart rates, and dilating the arteries. It also maintains the blood pressure, which keeps the pet’s heart-healthy.


The above pointers show how effective cannabis can be for pets. It can help relieve anxiety and support them in leading a healthy life. CBD is a potent supplement that promotes the overall wellbeing of both humans and animals. However, do check with your veterinarian before administering any CBD products to your pet.

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