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Are CBD treats safe for dogs?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is the second-most common active ingredient of cannabis (marijuana), falling behind only to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In recent years, the use of CBD in various edible treats for dogs and cats has been growing in popularity due to its indicated health benefits.

Pet owners have frequently started using CBD oils and edibles because recent studies have suggested that this chemical compound is useful in treating numerous medical conditions and providing an overall boost to the immune system. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons for using CBD oil for dogs:

Benefits of CBD for dogs

Relieves chronic pain

A lot of serious health concerns are accompanied by severe pain, and in most cases, prescription medication is used to provide relief. A CBD pet product will not only be a natural alternative to these medications but will also act as an anti-inflammatory agent to effectively reduce pains caused by conditions like cancer and arthritis.

Inhibits cancerous growths

Not only does the use of CBD control the pain that comes with cancer, but it also helps shrink tumors and stop the growth of cancerous cells.

Controls anxiety and seizures

CBD reduces anxiety from separation or noise in dogs and helps manage seizures caused by neurological disorders like epilepsy. It also acts as a calming agent and effectively minimizes aggressive behavior.

Treats digestive issues

CBD dog treats can reduce digestive issues by boosting appetite and controlling nausea.

Is It safe to give CBD to a dog?

Many pet parents become concerned about the safety aspect of giving CBD to dogs. The good news is that CBD products do not cause any serious health issues for dogs. Also, the chemical compound itself will not make your dog “high.” Even though both CBD and THC are important elements of marijuana, the latter is the only psychoactive part of the drug. THC can be intoxicating, and thus very harmful to an animal. Since CBD pet food is close to no THC content, you need not worry about having to call poison control after feeding your dog.

Many studies have been conducted on the overall safety of CBD. While results are primarily positive, this does not mean that all CBD products will have the same effect. An essential aspect of buying the right CBD oil or edibles is to make sure they are not old, cheap, or of low quality. If you’re looking for the right CBD products for your dog, be sure to check out

The negative side of giving CBD treats to your dog

Some possible side effects include fatigue, itching, and irritability. CBD can also raise levels of the blood thinner, coumadin, in the blood. Moreover, the standard doses of CBD for particular conditions are still unknown, and approximations have to be made. The FDA recognizes CBD as a supplement and not a medication, which is why its purity and safety remain unregulated.


It is fairly evident that the benefits of CBD significantly outweigh its cons. A controlled amount of CBD in your dog’s daily dietary plan is not only safe but is also a healthy option!

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