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The Borzoi breed can trace its ancestry back thousands of years to ancient Russia, and the Afghan Hound, Saluki, and Greyhound breeds all descend from the ancient sighthounds. The word “borzoi” comes from a Russian word meaning “swift,” which accurately describes the borzoi breed’s appearance, personality, and athletic ability.

The Borzoi breed is an intelligent hunter that relies on its speed, sight, and hearing to hunt any animal smaller than it. It has become a companion dog now. However, Borzois still retains a hunter’s instincts and the characteristics of intelligence, independence (some more than others), and high energy.

Here are things that make Borzoi puppies the perfect companions for humans:

They Are Intelligent

The Borzoi is intelligent, perhaps the most intelligent of all dog breeds. They are considered easy to train if you establish yourself as a pack leader early on, but they can also have a stubborn streak in them at times. 

Borzois are almost genetically wired to think independently and act with autonomy. So, you may find it challenging to teach Borzois that they have to listen to you. But with patience and positive reinforcement, most will learn quickly.

Borzois are more than capable of learning tricks and playing games, even if they won’t always listen to you while doing so. They will happily play fetch with you all day long, but they may not give the ball back when you ask for it! 

Don’t be surprised if your Borzoi puppy turns off the lights by themselves when you tell them to turn the lights on because they’re just that smart!

They Are Energetic and Need Activity

Borzois are often called “the aristocrat of dogs,” which implies that they were once noble dogs bred for a purpose. They need a lot of activity in their day or get bored. 

Their boredom will turn to destructiveness if your Borzoi isn’t getting enough exercise – they will take out their energy on anything in sight, including couches, shoes, and even the walls.

Borzois can run for miles without tiring out if you have a large yard or you bring them jogging with you. They’ll love to run and play with you if given the opportunity, so long as they get a chance to release their energy while doing it!

They Are Gentle and Patient With Younger Family Members

If you have young children in your home, a Borzoi may be the perfect breed for them! The Borzoi is incredibly gentle with kids. They tend to bond more easily with people they’ve known for a long time, so they can be wary of strangers even if they are children. They are patient with the children in their lives.

Borzois may get annoyed more efficiently by an adult who wants to constantly play or touch them but are more than happy to curl up next to a child and let them cuddle.

They Make Great Family Dogs and Are Not Aggressive

For families that want a large dog but don’t want an aggressive breed, a Borzoi is perfect. They are family dogs through and through, preferring the company of their people to almost anything else in life.

Wrapping Up

Borzois aren’t naturally aggressive towards other dogs or even pets. However, if your dog is not properly socialized with other young animals, they may become aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs later on in life.

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