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Bye Bye Summer

By August 29, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Labor Day Dog Safety

The Labor Day weekend is when we all try squeezing in one last summer vacation. However, there’s one problem many are faced with when planning out their labor day weekend; whether or not their dog should tag along with them. Well for those who have decided to bring  their dog with them , here are some tips on how to keep your pup safe.

Swimming Safety

If you’re considering to let your dog swim over the weekend, here’s a few things to keep in mind before letting them take a dive into the water. Invest in a doggy lifejacket. It’s one way of minimizing the threat of your dog drowning. Supervising your dog while in the water is must. Your dog should never be left in the water without supervision, regardless if they’re wearing a life vest. If your dog is taking  a swim in a pool, placing a marker is another way of assuring the safety of your dog.

Food Safety

The Labor Day weekend holds a promise of exposure to some yummy food, but keep in mind there are many foods out there that are harmful to dogs. So make sure no one is slipping your pup a treat, there’s really no way of knowing what may or may not agree with your dog’s stomach. Making sure there aren’t any bones laying around, is super important. There are countless health hazards if your dog was to eat or swallows a bone. 

Weather Safety

If you’re traveling somewhere with the expectancy of hot weather, make sure to keep your dog cooled. Being exposed to heat for too long can create health problems for dogs. Making sure your companionship has access to cold water at all times will help decrease any risk of too much heat exposure. If your dog does get over heated, make sure to apply water to their stomach and groin to cool them off. 


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