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Looking after different types of pets is no cakewalk; especially if you keep a dog and a cat under one roof. The strange situation shall present to you some problems. Firstly, one must introduce pets to one another. This can also pose similar issues since the pets require some extra time to understand each other’s diverse characters.

After the initial phase of adjustments, usually, pets begin to create a strong friendship. Your pets will use the same sleeping areas and start to seek your attention to food at the foot of the hot stove. This behavior continues sadly when they are eating from different bowls – a source of concern for many pet owners.

Keeping Cats Away from Dogs Food

Today through this post, we look at the chances of felines dipping their heads into canine food. And, what the unlikely result will be. The right way to go about this would be to study the nutritive needs of cats and dogs. Moreover, you can also try to keep the two away from each other different food. But, before all that let’s ask ourselves; can cats eat dry dog food?

Stuff in Dog Food

The food for canines and felines contains diverse compositions and flavors. Do you also know that for dogs exclusive food formulas exist based on their body’s criteria? The criteria used to create the mixture are age, breed, size, and health. It should be not surprising that for making your cats food similar considerations are taken into account.

Stuff in Cat Food

More often, we find that our cats love to gobble any food they see, stuff which is strictly opposite to their needs. Your dog’s food is the best alternative for a hungry cat. But, it certainly isn’t that healthy. We all would love to find cats that are stuck to their kind of food. However, that is not always the case.

Cat V/s. Dog Food

Now, we know that dog food poses no imminent danger.   You better be asking yourself about the things that separate the two foods next. Experts talk about the amount of protein in them. Felines need way more protein than canines. They can’t survive on canine food. The tipping point is protein! Dog food has considerably less protein when compared to retail cat food.

Cat Food Alternates

Living with two types of food has a unique disadvantage. You may run out of either of the two soon. No matter how hard you follow the beat. Sometimes, we all find ourselves feeding dog food to the cat. Because of the various hurdles we face while trying to buy fresh cat food.

Famous vets have explained that dog food is not life-threatening to your cat. They won’t faint or need hospitalization as soon as they eat it. In the long run, it certainly isn’t good for the cat. But there are also foods cat should not eat. Maybe, it is fine for one course. But, do check if it has no allergic or health reactions. Hence, don’t continue giving your cat any dog food. Keep the two foods separated.

Stop Cats from Eating Dogs Food

It is tough to prevent your cat from eating the food from its friend’s bowl. Dogs might also try to eat the cat’s food. As told earlier, pets have minute nutrition variations based on their health and body; thus, there is one old way to deal with this issue. Keep them at arm’s length away at all times!

Feeding Time Drills

  • Place food to the pets at least thrice or twice every day. Apart from any health reasons, you don’t have to place a large amount of food.
  • Place strategic feeding areas for the two pets.
  • Make a plan for the feeding sessions.
  • Give rewards to the pets only when they eat from their respective bowls.

Strategic Locations

One easy method to solve the issue is like mentioned earlier, creating strategic locations for feeding the pets. Let the places be different and far from each other.

Conclusion: Place Barriers

A physical barrier can prevent the two pets from opposing foods. Be stern about the separation. After all, you care about your beloved pet’s health. Dragging your cat to the vet when it’s too late isn’t a good option. Moreover, a barrier will help build a great bond between the two animals. Since most pets are afraid that the other pet or friend might take away their food.

Place the cat’s food over the cats climbing higher areas. Then, the dog cannot reach the cat’s food. And the cat will be full of food without having to peep into the dog’s bowl. Give the food near doors or place baby barriers. In that way, mixing food will never be an issue. Thus, through this post we have elaborated the different ways to stop cats from eating dog food. We hope that you will use the tips given above. Remember that our pets are innocent and their safety lies in our precious hands.

About author:

Hey I’m Linda Butts, the girl behind Pawsome Talk. With my I hope to share ideas and techniques from my personal experiences of what I have done with my pet research and what I love about pets and their lives.

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