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Do you remember funny videos where the owner returns home and finds that his dog arranged a disaster of such a level that now it is necessary to do major repairs? For dog owners, such a video seems far from fun. In order to save yourself from such a picture, check out our guide on how to properly leave your dog at home.

Everybody Who Wants to Get a Dog Needs to Know This

If you plan to get a dog and take it at a young age, then think about doing it during the holidays or when someone else will be at home.

  • Do not get a dog if you will be absent for more than 12 hours. Alternatively, think of two small dogs. They will be able to entertain each other while you are gone.
  • At the age of one month, do not leave the puppy for more than 4 hours. At the age of two months, do not leave the dog for more than 5 hours. At the age of three months, your absence should not exceed 6 hours.

“I work as a translator and I am at home only in the evening. I wanted to have a Labrador, but I was worried about how he would be at home alone. Therefore, I decided to take the puppy home during the holidays and start training him. A couple of days of training and everything went like clockwork, I’m not afraid to leave Bonnie alone.” – says Jennifer, a translator at The Word Point.

  • If you leave the puppy for the night, you leave the light turned on.
  • Food and water should be in an accessible place for the puppy.
  • When you leave the house, leave a special toy to your puppy.
  • The first time, while you will leave the puppy alone, it will not be superfluous if someone visits your baby. At least for half an hour, so the puppy will not feel loneliness.
  • When you leave a puppy for a long time, then think about how to teach him how to cope with a diaper. This applies to a very young age since then you will need to teach the puppy to do it outside.

How to Start Raising a Puppy So That It Can Stay at Home Alone?

When you have decided to purchase a puppy, ask the previous owner about whether he was already at home alone and for how long. This is the initial information from which it is necessary to build on the solution to this issue.

If the previous owner left the puppy for a long time, you need to understand that he may have a keen sense of loneliness. And if before the owner did not leave the puppy alone at home, then you just need to get three days when you can be at home and train the tailed baby.

First Lesson: Initial Stage of Learning

The first lesson to solve such a problem will be to play enough with the puppy, feed him and catch the moment of his fatigue. As soon as you see that the puppy yawns and closes his eyes, you need to take him to a place intended for sleep. Then close the door and leave the room. Repeat this action as soon as possible. Probably the puppy will sleep sweetly and will not even notice that the door is closed. Nevertheless, this must be done. Follow the golden rule:

As soon as the puppy wakes up and starts whining, you do not need to immediately run to him. Wait until there is silence, and after that, you can already enter the room.

The action plan described above is a preparatory step before you leave home.

Let’s Move On to The Second Lesson

After you have completed the first exercise at least several times, it is time to begin a new stage in training. Although it is optimal for you to practice the first task at least two days or three days. But if time does not allow it, then limit yourself to several times.

So let’s move on to the next algorithm of actions. Several times during the day you need to leave your home. Go out the door, close the house and walk at least a few steps away from the house.

Wait about 5-10 minutes and then return home. Remember that you should go home when you hear silence, not the whining of a puppy. Repeat this action a couple of times during the day. Before you leave, give your puppy a toy that you will give only when you leave and pick up when you come. You can, of course, create an arsenal of different toys, it is up to you.

The Third Quest – It’s Time to Raise Bets

Now it’s time to start the third task. The bottom line is the same algorithm as the second, but now it’s time to leave the house for more than 10 minutes. Now you need to leave the house for an hour. After you complete all these tasks, you can already leave home for a long time.

Return Home in the Right Way

There are pitfalls here and they can lead to the collapse of all previous learning methods. You must also return correctly so that your time spent on training does not go down the drain.


You come home and immediately take your puppy, start playing with him and stroking him. Your emotions are elevated.


You come home, undress, take off your shoes and calmly go into the house. At this time, your dog may jump, whine and ask to play. But you need to ignore this behavior, no matter how difficult it is.

Do not worry, your puppy will not be offended for this by you. After the puppy cools down a little, then you can already start communication. So you will not make a special event for your pet from coming home and thus prevent many unwanted habits in the future.


You come home and see that your pet has made a real disaster. You start to scold him and immediately get angry. Do not do so, as you will form a reverse habit for the puppy to be punished before you enter the house.


When you get home, examine what exactly your pet has damaged. You need to understand that all that he did is only because he yearned for the owner. Go into the house, calm down, threaten the puppy with a light tone, point out the damaged objects. But try to be strict and show that you are upset because of his behavior.



Try to educate your puppy correctly. Your behavior on arrival at home will develop a behavior pattern for your puppy. And the correctness of this habit directly depends on you.

So if you want your absence at home not to resemble the effects of a nuclear bomb, then be prepared to train your puppy. Follow our recommendations and then you will not feel anxiety or resentment. You will be able to leave home with a calm soul!

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English. Write me, please, with the feedback.


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