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During 2020/2021, puppy and dog adoption has increased ten-fold because of people in lockdown due to Covid 19. Being stuck at home has given many people the desire to have the company of a furry friend, and one of the most popular breeds to adopt has been the French Bulldog. This breed of dog probably appeals to people as they are cute and unusual looking due to their excess skin folds. If this type of canine appeals to you, here are 4 wrinkly dog breeds that will melt your heart.

Shar Pei

One of the oldest breeds of dog in the world and also one of the wrinkliest, the Shar-Pei has become a popular breed in recent years. Although their excess skin gives them an appealing appearance, they can be prone to fungal infections in the creases.  However, the Shar-Pei is a loyal and friendly breed who craves company from their owner and will strive to protect them, making them excellent guard dogs.

British Bulldog

Bulldogs have a reputation for being quite feisty, and this is probably because the Romans bred them to partake in a bloody sport called bullbaiting.  However, this reputation cannot be further from the truth as bulldogs are extremely sweet-natured and playful. Bulldogs are prone to a number of ailments due to their anatomy. They suffer from respiratory problems because they have short noses and pinched nostrils, and female dogs have trouble giving birth naturally because bulldog pups have such large heads. If you have a bulldog, you will know that the expensive vet bills, greediness, and excessive flatulence are all worth it when you know they have such a wonderful nature. Show them how much you love them by adorning your walls with a photographic gallery or art prints of your bulldog.


Pugs are one of the most well-known wrinkly dog breeds. These intelligent little dogs are popular with older people and those who live in small homes because of their size and the fact that they don’t need a lot of exercise. They also do not require much grooming and are free from doggy odors. Like the bulldog, they can struggle to breathe due to the flatness of their face.  Pugs also have large protruding eyes that can be susceptive to injury, so special care should be taken to protect them from damage. Skinfold dermatitis is common in pugs but can be avoided by cleaning inside the skin creases regularly.


Bloodhounds are large dogs that were bred during the middle ages to hunt deer and wild boar as their sense of smell is exceptional.  The amazing tracking instinct of the bloodhound has made them valuable team members in law enforcement, and they are used to locate missing people. These hounds are very affectionate without being too needy. They are very energetic and need plenty of exercise. Some people can be turned off by their smelliness and the fact that they drool quite a lot.  Bloodhounds can be quite stubborn, but with good training, they will become your best friend for life.

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