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If you equate humans’ wellness, it has the same value as every pet, such as dogs. Unlike humans, dogs are unable to utter words and speak about their problems. Therefore, pet owners must have a high level of sensitivity to figure out if their pets are having a hard time or experiencing something terrible.

Usually, if dogs are in a bad state, they give obvious signs, such as a sudden change in behavior, vomiting, loss of appetite, restlessness, and more. These are only a few of the signs that your dog is in a bad state. However, there are also subtle signs that indicate your dog is sick, but some pet owners often take them for granted because they think it wasn’t serious, which often leads to major problems, or worse, death.

If you don’t want these bad instances to happen to your senior fur baby, it’s best to educate yourself further regarding how to keep your dog healthy. Now, if you’re up to hear more about the essential things needed for your senior dog’s wellness, the following are the tips you must consider.

Plan Your Dog’s Diet with Vet Advice

There’s nothing more important than making sure your senior dog is eating healthily, especially in his senior years. Senior dogs highly need nutrients and vitamins without adding harmful substances along with it like any unhealthy additives. As such, you might want to start being picky with your dog’s food by reading the ingredient lists thoroughly.

Also keep in mind that you should consult your trusted vet since your dog might need a special diet to help them maintain a healthy weight and keep any health condition in check. Letting your vet help you guide in planning your senior dog’s diet is definitely the right thing to do.

Regularly Bring Them to a Veterinarian

A veterinarian is a licensed animal doctor who manages your pet’s safety and well-being. Aside from making sure that your dog is living its best life, they can also detect early any illnesses that your dog might have by conducting various tests, depending on your dog’s condition.

Regular check-ups of your dog will help you keep track of their health and detect possible health problems. Pet owners like you can also get bits of advice and tips from veterinarians that are beneficial for your dogs. With tele-medicine services on the rise, so too are tele-vet services for pets.

Do Not Neglect Regular Exercise

Like humans, dogs need daily exercise as well. It will help strengthen their body, especially their legs. Moreover, exercising your dog doesn’t require too much effort for you since you can always look at the resources found in your home.

Activities like regular walking or taking your dog to play at a park are still a wonderful activity. Most pet parents delegate a few hours of their day to walk their dogs. Not only would your dog get his daily exercise, but you would also get yours. 

If you want the exercise to be extra exciting for your dog, you can bring them outdoors where they are free to walk, run, and play. Toys are also wonderful tools to make your dog interested in exercising. However, before you give your dog toys, make sure they are safe to play with. Just because you found it at the pet store doesn’t mean they’re safe for your dogs.  If your dog loves to try new products and enjoys experimenting products or experiences, you can consider being an influencer with various products/services here.  

Provide A Proper Bedding

A home is already a good shelter for dogs. However, just like us, dogs also have a specific spot for their comfort. Keep in mind that proper shelter will give them the luxury of getting good sleep, whether it be in the garage, yard, back of the house, or anywhere. Good sleep is one of the reasons that keep them healthy.

Besides, placing their own shelter requires different considerations because not all dogs are ideal to be kept outdoors. There are instances where few homeowners leave them outside during heavy rains or snow. Hence, create a safe spot where your dog can safely rest. But during harsh seasons, keep your dog safe and away from harm by making them stay indoors.

Give Them A Regular Bath

If you observe your dog scratching his skin frequently, it’s a sign that he might have fleas. If these fleas become worse, it can cause internal problems that can become complicated if not properly treated. Therefore, regular baths are necessary to make your dog’s skin healthy.

It’s one of the best options that are very helpful without requiring pet owners to spend too much money to keep their dogs healthy. Only use products that are gentle to your dog’s fur and skin yet effective in killing fleas.

Observe Oral Care

Suppose you find any changes in your dog’s mouth, such as dark spots, inflammation, sores, or a change in scent. All of these may be indicators that your dog has an oral infection that requires urgent treatment. If these cases occur, contact your dog’s veterinarian urgently.

It is important to note that oral hygiene is sometimes neglected in dogs. But it is one of the most important components of every dog’s wellness. Like humans, dogs are vulnerable to bacteria and gum diseases, so it is necessary to take care of their oral hygiene.

Spend Quality Time

Lastly, remember to spend plenty of time with your senior dog. Remember that time is precious, thus you might want to remind them how much they are loved while they are still around. Since senior dogs are slow and can be pretty chill now, spending time with them can be spent on leisurely walks or enjoy basking in the sun.


In return for every dog’s loyalty, protecting its wellness is the best thing you can do as a fur parent. Therefore, making sure that your furbaby is always in a good state indicates that you are a responsible pet owner. If you want tips on how to do dog parenting better, contact a professional dog trainer.

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