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Dog Advice

Five Things Responsible Dog Parents Must Do

By December 21, 2020December 22nd, 2020No Comments

There are some things, that being a dog parent, you must do to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Training them, keeping them healthy, and keeping them the good company is the best thing you can do for your lifetime companion.
Parenting is not a task that can be completed once a month and forgotten for the rest of the year; it must always be there because it is crucial.

Prepare for a lifelong commitment:

You don’t have to be impetuous when you are considering keeping a pet. Welcoming a pet into your home is lie a family member into your home and with whom you have to keep a lifelong commitment.
If you already have a pack, the pet you are introducing into the family should not be just familiar with you. Introduce him to the other members of the family, and you will see how your Dog will be caring and loving towards your family.
Before choosing your lovely and cute companion, you must research the details of all the breeds so that you can find a friend who fits with your personality, and some research will help you in knowing the traits of your new friend. A calm dog breed will have a certain presence as will a more active breed which may require  you to get off your behind for some exercise.
Dogs are very loyal companions; once you bring a dog home, he won’t leave your side until either of you die. If you have a good relationship with your Dog, he will be the best energy booster you will ever have!

A healthy diet:

Like we need to keep a check on our health, we must keep a check on our pets’ health. When you bring a pet into your family, it is your responsibility to feed him a good diet and give him a balanced and nourishing diet.
It would be best to feed him with a diet that fits the best for his breed, body type, and age. The nourishment requirement of a puppy and an adult dog won’t be the same, so you must pay attention to your pet’s diet.

Take control through training:
Teaching your Dog to always show his best paw is how you teach him to socialize and interact with family and friends. Training him properly will help you a lot, and your Dog will also live a happy life.
Some dogs don’t welcome strangers or even friends because they are not given the proper socialization training, so they don’t know how to interact or behave in front of them. This also makes them uncomfortable around people they have not seen before.

Like humans, when they don’t interact with people, they develop automatic introvert behavior towards society. They start having problems talking with strangers, which we call social phobia.
Like humans, dogs have the same system known as the endocannabinoid system, which regulates behaviors and moods. Train your Dog before he develops any phobia towards your friends’!

Always let your dog know that you love him:

Training, workouts, their favorite diet is not the only thing your dog needs. What your pet needs the most are your love and care, and you should make him feel that you love him a lot.
There are many ways to tell your Dog that you care about him; rubbing his belly, brushing his hair, or happily bathing him will make your friend even closer to you.
Emotion keeps us happy, and the same goes for your Dog. Never scold him for minute things that he did out of cuteness or playfulness. Keeping strict behavior towards your Dog can make him hurt, and believe me, the saddest thing on earth is to see a dog crying!

CBD foods for dogs:

CBD is a common name given to the compound cannabidiol that is extracted from hemp and cannabis. CBD has been beneficial for humans and pets. It is a known antidote for many illnesses, and people label cannabidiol as a miracle medicine as it can relieve some significant symptoms and offer minor side effects in return. CBD pods or CBD Juul Pods are an alternative form of pre-filled vaporizers of CBD or CBD cartridges that are available in the market. Humans usually take CBD in the form of vape form, whereas for health benefits of CBD in dogs, it can be used in other forms. Cannabis is a plant that is often associated with Marijuana, but unlike the compounds that are extracted from Marijuana, the compounds extracted from hemp and cannabis does not cause mental ‘high.’ Cannabidiol does not contain psychotropic properties as 9-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is now to cause ‘high.’ It is the main reason that cannabidiol is safe to be used for pets and human both. Studies show that cannabidiol does not have toxic properties and is very safe. You might be wondering how cannabidiol is OK for both humans and pets? The reason is that pets like cats and dogs and humans have a standard system known as the endocannabinoid system that regulates many functions in their bodies.

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