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As one of the top grooming salons in NYC we get tons of grooming requests for specific haircuts that people see. Instagram’s many famous dogs and their adorable haircuts can be for your dog when you follow these simple tried and true dog grooming “do”s beforehand.

Your Pup’s First Groom

Getting your pup a full haircut before he/she is 5 months old can actually have long term consequences for how your pooches hair grows out in terms of texture- and you certainly don’t want to mess with what mother nature intended. It is okay to bring your pup in (even recommended) for slight trims (sanitary area and around the face) as well as professional grooming services such as baths, nail trims and teeth brushing.

Brush Your Dog BEFORE the Bath & After

The #1 reason that clients do not get their choice hairstyle for their pup has everything to do with not brushing their dog’s hair out before the bath. Every time a dog’s coat is introduced to water (walks in the rain, walks after a downpour, bathes, washing their feet and underbelly after a damp day walk outside) can all contribute to increased matting. Therefore, get dematting brush and run in it through yours fur for 5 mins before a walk and 10 mins-15 mins before a bath. Timing may vary based on how frequently you are brushing your dog and on areas likely to matt quickly (behind the ears, chest, underbelly and wherever the harness rubs against the coat).

Energy Appropriate Levels to Get the Cleanest Cut

Does your pup generally have energy to burn? You know if your dog is one that has a lot of energy or is on the chiller side. If your dog is energetic in the morning and likes to run around to get their energy out, schedule an afternoon appointment with the groomer. Energy that should be spend on a run outside/ playtime with you when directed at the groomer/bather can result in the dog fidgeting more and fighting himself- he knows he should sit still but he’s anxious to get his body moving. Do you see the conflict this presents? Also, groomers charge based on how easy it is to groom your pooch. Why not make it a win by allowing your dog the proper movement he/she needs before having sit-still with the groomer.

A Diet Replete with Vitamins, Minerals and Freshness

Healthy does have a shiny skin/coat, strong nails and doggy breath- and minimal tear stains. Just like with humans, these indicators mostly reflect inner health- proper nutritional needs being met. Does your dog eat predominantly processed food (food that has an expiration date of more than 1 year)? This can be a factor in reduced skin/coat issues. While there are many supplements that can assist with this (probiotics, pre-biotics, fish oils, CBD oil, bone broth) just to name some of the more popular ones as of late, fresh ingredient dog food whether home cooked or subscription based can really help to improve your dogs overall health.

A No-nonsense Drop Off

Pets respond to your energy. When your bring your pup in they will follow the energy of you their parent. Even in the past if your dog has not been thrilled to go to the groomer, try being upbeat or neutral. Dogs can change. An overly concerned for your dog’s emotional condition impacts how he / she will act on the grooming table. Your dog is here for a standard groom which is part of the routine for being healthy, happy and clean. Assist your pup by giving them a chance to get good with it by not imposing your worry on them.

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