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An aspect of owning a pet is caring for them and that is why the term “pet parent” is apt because a parent cares. Part of the care provided includes ensuring the pet is nourished, is in good health, is well exercised, and so on. Many products exist for taking care of your pets and these range from beds, to cameras, pet hammocks, seat covers, etc.

One of the many good things about owning a dog is that they are good companions who can go virtually everywhere with you, be it for a walk, a hike, a ride in the car etc. The only challenge is that when they have to go on a ride with you, your car seat can get dirty from mud and sand. Your dog also shed its furs so you may find your vehicle littered all over with these furs, requiring thorough vacuuming.  If you have a large breed that will be going on outings to the dog run or on hikes with the family, consider picking a car that will have plenty of space for your pooch.  To find a vehicle, it’s best to research what you want ahead of time so as not to end up with an impulse purchase.  

The solution to enjoying being in the company of your pet and not having to go through the trouble of always having to clean up after a ride is using a pet seat cover.

Seat covers protect your seat from anything your dog may bring to it including dirt, sand, mud, pee, tears, etc. it also protects from scratch and lingering smells. Added to this, it helps to make your pet comfortable and safe during the ride. You can see some other the benefits here.

Things to Consider When Buying a Seat Cover

Model and Style of Your Car

When buying a seat cover for your pet, there are some important things to consider starting from the kind of vehicle you drive. Different hammocks and covers are designed for different types of vehicles. They are those for cars and also for bigger vehicles like trucks. They are not one-size-fits-all so knowing and choosing the one that fits your vehicle is very important.


Although most pet hammocks are made to be waterproof, it is good to be sure. It is also good to check if it is anti-slip and absorbent. The material used must be comfortable enough for your dog. It should not be hard.

How Often You Use it

If you and your dog go out occasionally in your car, getting one that is easy to install and take of every time you need to may be good for you. If your case is such that you and your pet go out very often in the car, it will be best to get one that can be firmly secured and not need to be removed and re-installed every time.

Number and Size of Dogs

The type of seat cover you buy should be determined by the breed and size of your dog. A large dog will require a large and strong hammock. This will also be the case in a situation where you have more than a dog as their combined weight will add up easily so having one that is strong enough to take their weight is important.


Though most of the best dog seat cover hammock comes in dark colors, there are also some colorful ones. Your car seat comes in a color so you may want to choose one that goes with it. The downside to this is if it’s a bright color, it might not be as easy to clean as darker colors.

What are the Features of a Good Hammock?


Waterproof and Stain Resistant

A good hammock should be waterproof. The good thing is most are designed this way. Asides that this helps in cleaning it easily, if there is any form of accident by your pet in terms of peeing, it will not affect your seat.

Also, if it is stain resistant, it will not retain any stain no matter what your pet throws at it as any stains should be very easy to clean off.

Washing Machine Safe

You should be able to simply put it in a washing machine if you need to launder it. Most times, you may just need to spot clean it with a brush or wipe with a wet cloth but after prolonged use, there is a need to give it a more thorough cleaning.

Other features may include

  • UV protection to protect your pet from sun rays.
  • Breathable mesh window.
  • Seat belt openings.
  • Zipper to accommodate a human passenger.

You can learn more about how to choose a car seat cover here.


Dogs will always be dogs. Though they will play and frolic in mud and dirt, they are great buddies and companions to have around. Instead of choosing between missing out on this companionship or making your car dirty, choosing a good hammock will help you to avoid having to make such choices.

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